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Female Cannabis plants need to undergo pollination for them to produce seeds. When pollinated it will also start to provide less focus on bud production. So, if you are not into producing seeds, then you do not need your plants to be pollinated. To do away with it you will have to do some effort to stop it from happening. One way is to know the early signs of pollination to ensure you don’t end up in a poor harvest. So, When do male plants pollinate females?

You need to ensure that your male plants are away from the females to ensure no accidental pollination happens. This is a problem we should watch out for as the effects are detrimental to our yield. But, with some techniques, we can surely lessen the chances of accidental pollination.

Guide on When Male Plants Pollinate Females

For pollination to happen, you must have a male plant that produces pollen. Once you discover a male plant or a hermaphrodite plant that has a plant that has 2 sexes, you need to have them removed and transferred as soon as you can. This is most important during the first three weeks of the flowering stage. If you are not a breeder, then you should have no use for any male plants. Make sure you separate or remove any of the male plants you spot to avoid accidental pollination which in turn will ruin the quality and quantity of your harvest.

Seeds become a problem because nobody wants their marijuana buds riddled with seeds. So, when you learn what to look for on how they look and how they release their pollen, you can address this early enough so you can move them away from your female plants before the pollination happens.

How to Identify a Male Cannabis Plant?

For you to determine which one is the mail plant, then you will have to wait until the plants are about to flower. Normally, female cannabis plants will expose their gender later than when a male does. Female plants will show white wispy hairs on the bud sites where they will grow their flowers.

On the other hand, male plants will not have hairs but instead will develop little pollen sacs. They resemble little balls which is why they are hard to miss if they are already present. Later on, the pollen sacs will be full and will burst open and during then is when the male plants pollinate the females.

How Can You Tell if a Female Has Been Pollinated?

The early signs of a plant being pollinated are that her bracts would appear larger. Bracts are the leaf-like small structures of the pant that is there to protect the female reproductive organs. You can check by opening them up and see if there is a seed inside, once it does then the plant has been pollinated. Secondly, you can also check the color of the pistil hairs, those that started off to be white will become darker and will shrivel if the plant has been pollinated.

How to Avoid Accidental Pollination among your Cannabis plants?

One full proof way to avoid all of this from happening is by using feminized seeds on your next grow. Feminized seeds are guaranteed to only produce female plants. This will not only save you a lot of headaches but will also assure you that your harvest will be worthwhile. This technique is what commercial and bulk growers use as this is the type of seed that produces the most high-quality buds in total. So just buy good quality feminized seeds so you just need to focus on growing them and not to worry about any of these anymore!