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In this Article, we will try to tackle a question that is really confusing a lot of new growers out there. It starts when trying to identify what is Autoflowering Feminized Seeds? For us to provide a better understanding, We will discuss what Autoflowering seeds are and we will also tackle an overview of how Feminized seeds are made.

What is Autoflowering Feminized Seeds | Overview

Autoflowering feminized seeds are varieties of Cannabis seeds that switch automatically from its vegetative cycle to the flowering stage only dependent on age, in comparison to regular seeds that need a photoperiod cycle or light and dark periods to trigger the flowering signalling the coming of the cold season, which is also genetically modified to assure the grower that the plant that will sprout from it is more or less guaranteed a female plant.

Basically, it possesses the Autoflowering Marijuana characteristics and traits plus having the assurance that your plant will surely mature as female plants that in turn bear the buds or flowers which is totally the main purpose of the majority of marijuana cultivation. Like any other Autoflowering Cannabis Plants, these are harvestable an average period of 10 weeks from germination. Autoflower feminized seeds also possess a short stature and is only expected to produce decent yields.

Autoflowering Feminized Seeds Origins

A term used in botany, A “Ruderalis” is said to be a plant that can thrive despite being in a harsh environment and extreme conditions.

When the discovery of the 3rd species of Cannabis, it was intuitively named as such, Ruderalis Cannabis as it was observed that this breed is super resilient and is able to endure the extreme climates of Central Europe, Central Asia and of course Russia where it was first studied.

Due to this adaptation Ruderalis Cannabis is able to flower without relying on the light exposure it is getting and is fully dependent on its age. However, it is seen that this has resulted in a much smaller plant that has little yield with potency levels that is almost non existent or low for that matter.

Then a group of breeders saw this potential and the super ability to flower automatically, hence the creation of today’s well known hybrids. Cannabis Ruderalis was bred only for its special flowering ability with either Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica to produce the much beloved fast Autoflowering Feminized Seeds that we know of today.

Feminizing Autoflower Seeds

As the development of new Cannabis hybrids have emerged and the progress of how the marijuana strains became stronger and stronger. Modern day marijuana cultivators are now equipped to produce an all female batch of cannabis seeds by exposing the parent strains to a controlled stress, which is known to cause hermaphroditism in Cannabis plants, and taking advantage of this feature to create and produce pollen sacs out of female cannabis plants allowing breeding and fertilization of two females.

So, In short, Female to Female breeding was made possible which removes the Y chromosome, responsible for producing males, in the overall equation resulting in a batch of female or feminized seeds that can guarantee a female plant when grown that is being referred to today as Autoflowering Feminized Seeds.