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Many growers take male cannabis plants for granted. It is often maligned and misunderstood. Some growers instantly terminate these plants after identification. Of course, it’s fair and reasonable in a cannabis garden as male marijuana plant potency fell short compared to its female counterpart.

But, before you start throwing your male cannabis plants, it’s wise to take a moment to consider the following few things. You might be pleasantly surprised by how useful these male plants are. For those people who are looking for information about the best ways to do with male marijuana plants, then this article is definitely for you.

Understanding Male Cannabis Plants

Compared to female plants, the male ones are not typically resinous. However, these plants carry an enticing spectrum of cannabinoids which are pretty useful to every grower. And upon careful observation, these male plants grow and mature faster than females.

After seeing male plants in your garden, you must treat them just like any other sinsemilla crop. The truth is, the pollen of these plants can get you stoned or high. Yes, a male marijuana plant is potent.

Although there are already self-pollinating cannabis plants that you can buy and grow today, still, the most common way to breed these healing herbs is to have male and female plants. In general, a cannabis garden should only populate female plants. What most growers do is discard and destroy these male plants as soon as they uncover their growth.

But getting rid of these male plants means that you are missing out on something. This is because there are several things that you can benefit from on this. Here are some of the things that you can do with your male marijuana plants.

For Breeding Purposes

Every grower has the option of cloning a mother plant and create and a line of consistent buds. The problem is, not all female plants are desirable and some have flaws. Like for instance, not all female plants are very potent and resinous and some have a longer flowering stage. This is where male cannabis plants become very useful.

One of the main functions of a male plant is to pollinate female plants. The good news is, once a male plant pollinates a female, it miraculously provides 50% of the seed’s genetic makeup. This means that you can incorporate the positive traits of the male plants to your female plants. Now you can have better control and be able to produce more high-quality plants.

Male plants are very useful when it comes to blending a particular desired traits. Also, they help develop new strains or maintain the integrity of your favorite cannabis strains. Highly-experienced breeders understand this concept very well.

Create Quality Hemp Fibers

There is no better option than male plants when it comes to creating high-quality hemp fiber. These plants have fibrous stalks and they are very strong. Because of this, they are perfect for weaving the finest fabrics. Even if you are not into weaving, the male plant fiber is still your best choice when it comes to making hemp products such as clothing and table cloths.

You’ll be surprised by how many companies in the hemp industry are buying male cannabis plants in order to create different kinds of hemp fiber products. Moreover, if you check out some of your household items, you’ll notice that some of them contain or are composed of hemp fibers that are coming from the male plants.

Producing Concentrates

A lot of people think that male plants are totally devoid of THC. Although these plants may indeed be far less potent compared to female plants, still they contain THC – psychoactive properties. It’s a well-known fact that they don’t produce any buds, however, you can still find cannabinoids in their stems, leaves, and sacs.

Male marijuana plant potency can still give you that nice buzz and this is through drying and pressing the pollen that you find in the plant. And you might be surprised by the fact that male plants contain higher THC levels in their leaves than female plants during the vegetative growth phase. Check out the tutorials made by Lex Blazer.

It Enhances Your Garden

It’s good to know that many farmers worldwide are using male marijuana plants as ‘companions’ for garden vegetables. This kind of practice has been around for centuries already.

But apart from giving out the sweet aroma, the pinene and limonene properties are also great for pest and disease control. This is why many farmers and growers introduce male plants in their flower and vegetable gardens. This should protect your crops and garden from pest infestation. Nearby male plants create a terpene-laden oil that keeps insects as well.

Also, these plants are very vigorous and they provide extra protection and shelter to your plants and flowers if you allow a couple of male marijuana plants to grow at the far end of your garden.

Keeping your Male Cannabis Plants

The next time that you see male cannabis plants growing in your female-populated garden, it is smart that you take the time to consider these benefits first. Don’t throw them off hastily but take the time to think about their other purposes.

Take note that these male cannabis plants also contain medicinal properties just like female cannabis. Many are saying that these male plants are pretty useless, but the truth is, they are not. In fact, you can see many patients who are collecting male cannabis plants and turn them into healthy juices and concentrates.

There are also many online sites or forums where cannabis growers and enthusiasts gather together and share their tips and secrets about how to use male cannabis plants. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and raise your concerns. Bear in mind that these plants still offer many benefits. Regardless of whether you are making healthy products, weaving cloth, or protecting your garden, these male cannabis plants are definitely worth keeping.