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When Topping Outdoor weed plants, it is supposed to be performed during the vegetative phase of the plant to redistribute the hormones for growth to the main stalk to new shoots on the lower part of the cannabis plant. Fimming and Topping outdoor weed plants will produce a canopy that is evenly distributed with growth hormones directed towards the development of the colas and stalks. On its own, the cannabis plant will try to grow vertically directing all its focus only on the main stalk. Topping outdoor pot plants will result in a single dominating cola with small stalks around it. The smaller ones will only be able to produce loose buds that are not so good and the total overall physique of the plant will be smaller too.

Why is Topping Outdoor Plants Necessary?

Fimming and Topping outdoor weed plants produce a bushier plant. By cutting or clipping the main stalk, the cannabis plant can channel its energy to the smaller stalks that shoot up from the bottom.

After some time the side stalks can also be topped that then initiates the plant to produce more side-side branches making the plant plush and all bushier in stature. By doing so, more spaces for bud development are available and in turn, produce an increase in yield.

Now, the question is – when to stop topping outdoor plants ? Well, a marijuana plant can be topped several times with each stalk producing more branches making the plant increase in overall size and shape. One way we can determine if we have already done enough topping of our outdoor marijuana plants is by gauging its overall stature and checking if there are still more potential bud sites we free up and reintroduce to the exposure zones of your light source. The idea is that the more leaves get to the light the better it is while allowing even growth on the lower and the upper part of the Cannabis plant.

How Plants Receive Light

A fimmed or topped Marijuana plant will only mean a bushier plant which will also mean that the plant will be receiving light more efficiently in a couple of ways. First is it allows the light to enter into the gaps as the plants will now grow wider instead of taller allowing absorption towards the lower parts of the plant. In turn, all the bud sites will have more exposure to light that the plant utilizes for growth. Secondly, the plant will start production of more branches which will then increase the surface areas of leaves that catch the light more evenly across the plant areas.

But, on the other hand, if you only have one main stalk or cola when your plant is growing taller than wider, it is the only one that gets all the light and practically covers and shades the rest of the bottom parts of the plant. By then only the top part of the Marijuana plant is able to produce those high-quality dense buds that we are aiming for.

Also, the same is true if you are also growing in an indoor setup. Only the main vertical cola or stalk will be close enough and will have ample exposure to your light source resulting in lesser areas of the plant to produce good buds.
Guide on Topping Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Always remember that fimming or topping marijuana plants consider to be an HST or high-stress training on cannabis plants. This procedure or method works best if the marijuana plant has already developed and is on the phase that can tolerate changes.

On your first attempt to Top or Fim a cannabis plant. It is a rule of thumb to position your first cut above the 5th node. This will provide you with enough branches at the lower part for the plant to recover and redirect energy to bush out properly.

For the next toppings, cut each stalk above the 2nd or 3rd node, again to allow the plant to grow out and bush out more properly. These cuts are only subjective to each grower depending on how much you want your plant to grow horizontally and know how wide you want your plant to be.

How to Top Outdoor Marijuana Plants

To Top or Fim Outdoor Marijuana plants
You will need a cutter and a pair of pruning scissors. Make sure you disinfect your tools with rubbing alcohol before any attempt to cut to avoid infections and it is always better if they are sharper. All you want to do is to make one swift and clean cut each and every time.

Always know and decide on where you are going to position your cuts. The only distinct difference between Fimming and Topping is where you are going to position the cut. Topping is by removing the new shoots that grow on top of the main stalks and while fimming you’ll only be removing the top portion or top half of the new growth. Topping will produce 2 new stalks while fimming gives the possibility of producing more than 3 or as much as 8 new ones.

Always keep an eye on your results. On both methods, you will observe how the plant will direct more of its life energy to produce more branches on its lower portion and will start to try and catch up with the rest of the newly trained stalks. This may take a few weeks to take full cycle as the plants will benefit from this during its recovery period. Once you reach your plant’s growth potential on the new shoots then these new plants are again ready for another topping or fimming session. It is important and crucial that your marijuana plant is left with ample amounts of stalks to fully recover before topping or fimming again.