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Growing and developing new marijuana strains is not an easy and simple task to do. Europe is a leader when it comes to creating new strains. There are plenty of Amsterdam feminized seeds all over the world. This is due to how the Netherlands have been at the forefront of strain development today. That is why the Dutch are very successful in the marijuana industry.

What makes the Netherlands and several other breeders all over the world so successful in developing new strains? It is simply because they understand that this endeavor needs patience on top of knowledge. You need patience in the sense that you need to stabilize marijuana genetics first before you can truly say they are ready for the world.

What is Stabilization?

When you are breeding cannabis strains, you are basically developing seeds that have the genetic traits of both its parent strains. Marijuana is a diploid organism that carries each of its parents traits. When the seeds of the offspring strain are produced, there is no certainty that you will have uniformity in terms of effects and attributes. Some of the seeds grow into plants that have different traits. Others were produced using the same parent strains. This is where stabilization comes in.

Stabilization happens when you choose offspring strains with the traits you believe are the most desirable. Using those strains, you will now backcross them with one another to produce similar strains. By doing so, you will be able to make sure that all of the seeds of the newly developed strains will have uniformity.

However, there is still a need to backcross and stabilize the genes for several more generations even though they already show uniformity. The reason for such is that there is still a chance for phenotypes to emerge.

Phenotypes are plants that differ in terms of their characteristics and are generally “outliers”. So to minimize phenotypes from emerging, it is essential to stabilize the strain’s genetics for at least four generations before they are ready to be introduced to the market.

Moreover, if you are producing feminized seeds of a certain strain, you need to backcross several more generations between those feminized seeds. It will minimize the onset of phenotypes and make sure that no hermaphrodites (females with male characteristics) will emerge.

That said, choosing to grow certain cannabis strains requires you to go for the ones with the most stable genetics.

What are the most Stable Feminized Seeds on the Market today?


ACDC itself is a phenotype strain that comes from the popular medical strain Cannatonic. Despite being a phenotype, it is considered a very stable strain because of the fact that it is constantly bred and perfected because of its medicinal qualities. When growing ACDC, you can be sure that this plant will have the same characteristics as expected and will provide you the therapeutic benefits you can expect from a strain that has a 1:20 THC to CBD ratio.

2. Afghani

It might be a bit odd to say that a landrace strain is one of the more stable strains in the market today. After all, Afghani did originally grow in the wilds of Afghanistan. They are said to be unstable because of how it was left untouched by human hands. It is one of the most popular strains to use for creating new marijuana strains. Therefore, by crossing it with other Afghani strains, it is now considered a very stable strain.

3. AK-47

AK-47 is a very popular cannabis strain that does not sound as scary as its name. it is actually very mellow and relaxing. Because of its popularity, it has become well-bred and very stable.

4. Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Also known as ATF or Matanuska Thunder strain originated from the Matanuska area of Alaska. It was once a very unstable strain before it was stabilized using Afghani strains.

5. Blue Dream

Blue Dream really is a very dreamy strain that originated from California. This strain was developed using Blueberry and Haze and became one of the better choices for those who want to go for sativa-dominant hybrid strains. Before introducing it to the market, its breeders made sure to backcross it to make it a more stable and well-loved hybrid.

6. Blueberry

Blueberry is a favorite all over the world because of the its sweet and fruity flavors. It has been around since the 70s and has always been a popular indica wherever you go. Despite the fact that it no longer resembles the original strain when it was first introduced, it is now a very stable feminized strain because of its popularity.

7. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush comes from the Kush line and is a direct descendant of the popular OG Kush. This strain is known for its ability to put you down to sleep despite its natural coffee-like flavor. It may have uncertain genetic origins but generations of backcrossing have allowed it to stand well on its own.

8. Durban Poison

A strain that can be considered a landrace because of how it can be traced to the port city of Durban in Africa. Durban Poison is a pure sativa that had become a very stable landrace. Breeders have been keen on preserving the genetics of landraces roots.

9. Dutch Treat

As the name suggests, Dutch Treat is a favorite strain in Amsterda. It is one of the more sought-after buds you can find in coffee shops all over the Netherlands. Because breeders and growers in Amsterdam are so keen on the quality of their product, there was a real need to stabilize this favorite treat.

10. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple or GDP is one of the greatest strains in the history of the cannabis industry. It was first introduced to the market back in 2003 and has since caught the world by storm due to its flavorful berry profile, massive yields, and great psychoactive effects. Since its introduction, it has become a more stable feminized strain and promises to deliver uniform traits and attributes more likely than not.