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Since the legalization of Marijuana recently, a drastic increase in the industry has taken place with several Commercial Marijuana Growing companies sprouting from left to right all adopting the highest standards for production to meet the stipulated regulations and requirements by the authorities.

Since time immemorial, Cannabis growers have been given the image of being hippies who are getting high on their own supply, with no specific standards or organization being followed being its own industrial economy dealt with underground or under the laws radars. Today, Commercial Marijuana Growing has evolved into this white and shiny industrial/agricultural facility equipped with high-tech equipment that can produce high volumes of top-shelf medically viable products.

The legalization has allowed more people to become interested in consuming marijuana and has created a wave of following that has allowed the advancement of commercial cannabis production facilities that has since become professionalized. All adapting quality assurance procedures and methods, all backed with plant science and chemistry. All these added measures have allowed production of safer, more potent and consistent products for a lucrative and fast growing market medically and recreationally.

Commercial Marijuana Growing at its Finest

Although Illegal Marijuana Growing or Black market marijuana can get away with almost no description at all of the strains they dispense and with considerable differences between their batches, Commercial Marijuana growing on the other hand has to meet the highest quality standards thereof of any other commercial product sold in the market. The product must be reliable and these growers should follow strict rules and regulation on how they present the product to the market and how they label each item. This is to ensure that consumer safety is the top priority when dealing with these products.

Most of the challenges concerning commercially growing marijuana on a larger scale can be answered by the large commercial greenhouse industry that we have today. Like any other crop marijuana grown agriculturally is similar to the commercial growing of flowers and vegetables being performed today and have been working to address the same problems that large scale commercial marijuana growers are experiencing and the technology is already existent in these industries.

Modern Commercial Cannabis Growing

What is unique about growing marijuana is its focus on achieving the maximum yield with the maximum potency which is why it is requiring them to control specific conditions and to have the full understanding of the specific strain requirements and genetics of the crop they are growing, that can highly affect the flowers of the plant. Marijuana flowers or buds are the primary product that is sought after in marijuana plants.

The Cannabis industry has been quickly adapting the best practices and methods of the existing large scale greenhouse industries while tailor fitting all other factors needed for the plant to thrive and produce buds successfully. One example is the tomato industry who has been successful in growing this crop hectares at a time to which its commercial growing expertise was easily transferred to commercial marijuana growing.

Commercial Cannabis Growing has also adopted full control of their plants environment from lighting, temperature and ventilation, planting medium and nutrient feeding to ensure maximum growth potential and maximum potency production of each plant grown in this system.

Legal Commercial Marijuana Growing in Canada

In Canada, there are strict regulations set by the government requiring commercial marijuana growers to use independent laboratories to test and measure the cannabinoid levels of the dried cannabis buds and oils to ensure all products introduced to the market are labelled correctly and appropriately. They are also required to test for specific contaminants to ensure the safety of the consumers. The same strict measure will be applied as well in the production of marijuana by products such as edibles and other health related products such as topicals, pills and suppositories. Medical Marijuana is controlled and monitored by an organization that follows strict medical protocols when prescribing marijuana to patients to address certain conditions and can only be done by certified medical marijuana doctors.

As the Marijuana industry expands, we can surely see a difference in the evolution of how commercial marijuana is grown with the discovery of new methods and techniques provided for by the numerous studies and researches done on this plant. Surely, this will not end here and we can expect more of this evolution to take place in the near future. Marijuana as a whole belongs to a specific science and the recent legalization has allowed a lot of advancements to take place in just a few years. Medical marijuana can and will sustain for more centuries to come and is proving to be one of the most lucrative products in the market today.