Selecting the right Seeds for you is one thing but selecting the perfect Marijuana strains that will satisfy your needs is on another whole new level. Modern technology has allowed us to tinker with it’s genetics and created a whole new spectrum of strains that are available today. All feminized or Hybrid Autoflowers to enjoy a guaranteed return on our investments. is your reliable source for your daily vital and random information surrounding Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds and the latest updates about Marijuana growing techniques that are current and up to date!

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Learn Everything About Auto Pounder Strain

What do you get when you combine a prominent Big Bud with a Power Plant and add an automatic strain? The result of this three-way union is the Auto Pounder strain. This is an Indica-dominant Autoflowering strain with a delicious sweet fruity strain with impressive calming effects. Another reason why this strain is one of the most popular is because [...]

June 10th, 2019|Categories: Strains|0 Comments

Auto Candy Kush Strain Review

Autoflowering cannabis strains are a delight for growers who want fast-flowering, quick harvesting, and compact-sized plants. Possibly one of the most exciting strains to be made as an autoflowering strain is Candy Kush. Auto Candy Kush is a strain that comes with the powerful psychedelic body high. It is a small plant, barely 60 cm in height but comes with [...]

June 8th, 2019|Categories: Strains|0 Comments

Expect the Big Buds in Growing Candy Kush Autoflower

Every cannabis grower wants to yield big. It doesn’t matter if it’s a recreational strain or a medicinal strain. They want big buds and huge yields. But what if you are growing an auto-flowering cannabis strain, would you still get the best results? Candy Kush Autoflower plants are auto-flowering strains known not just for their quick flowering time but also [...]

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10 Useful Tips in Growing Early Miss Strain Indoors

Getting to smoke our favourite bud on moments when it tickles our fancy is the best. It’s our love for the bud that makes us toke some every time we crave for it. It would also be most pleasurable if we get the love back from it at least with a couple of blunts a day. Dreaming aside, it will [...]

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Autoflower VS Feminized VS Regular: Which Seeds are Easy to Grow?

Out of three types, it’s quite difficult to evaluate what is easy to cultivate. It’s either the autoflower cannabis seeds which grow in a short amount of time, the feminized ones which often are the desirable seeds, or it could be the regular ones which are ordinary-looking yet still had its own complications. Seeds are important in the growing phase of a [...]

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10 Intereseting Facts About Chemdog Feminized Seeds

The Chemdog or Chemdawg is a popular hybrid that has a mysterious origin. Its strain is also popular for having a strong chemical smell and near-psychedelic high when you take a hit of it. Various aspects of the Chemdawg are quite intriguing for anyone in the cannabis community. This includes the feminized marijuana seeds of the Chemdog. Here are 10 [...]

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