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Since the start of the rise of marijuana cultivation this has grown more popular than ever, and with hype, many have dipped their toes into growing weed on their own. The majority of the beginners do not have the knowledge and skills yet compared to an experienced grower to engage in full-blown outdoor or indoor operations, so they resort to an easier and more basic option. Micro Growing.

Here we will show you the smallest marijuana plant strains there is to get you started on this technique. This means growing smaller plants will result in fewer resources spent and space needed to fully maximize their harvest. Start with a couple of low flyer seeds, in an empty cupboard fixed up with grow bulbs and you are well on your way in enjoying the fruits of your labor, in this case, good quality and fast smokable buds. Here we will be presenting to you the smallest Marijuana plants ever that has a proven track record as an excellent strain for micro growing.



This strain is considered as a miniature cannabis specimen that can stay small and tiny when trained with High-Stress Training techniques. The only reason why Royal Dwarf was bred was for the sole purpose to be grown stealthily. Anyone can easily grow a couple of this strain at home without triggering any kind of suspicion at all. Royal Dwarf strain also thrives well in small spaces like cabinets and cupboards with some LED bulbs fixed in it.

This strain is basically the autoflower version of the popular Skunk and was developed from the skunk strain mixed with some ruderalis. This strain delivers some mild Sativa effects and is recorded at 13% THC levels. This is a whole day smoke as this will allow the user to stay levelled out and not stoned.
Royal Dwarf harvests in 8 to 8 weeks and this is measured at the height of 70cm full grown and bearing buds. Truly this is one of the smallest marijuana plants ever.



It’s no science to know where this strain got her name. Easy bud has received the title of the best strain for beginners, and there is no doubt about it. This is one of the best small strains to recommend for those who want to be as discreet as possible with their endeavour. Easy buds are one of those foliage that you won’t even notice that it’s there when full-grown, only getting to 50cm in height. Its height makes it possible to grow in low nooks or hidden areas in the garden. This delivers a subtle and mellow effect that provides a relaxing high that brings in the munchies. Recorded at 12% THC levels makes it more recommendable for beginners.

Easy bud has a citrusy, herby flavor profile which is excellent for making edibles. With a maximum height of 50cm full grown this is surely one of the smallest marijuana plant strains out there!


Here’s another compact marijuana plant that can be grown in full stealth, if you know what I mean. Most Autoflowers have fast flower times but this strain has a real love for speed. This is an offspring of the Old school Indica and the Lowryder 1 and is capable of fully mature in just 56 days from seed! If you are looking for a rapid non-stop supply then Quick one is the perfect strain for you! Recorded at 13% THC, this strain delivers a relaxed body high perfect for an evening smoke to recoup after a long hard day. Its pleasant high is accompanied by a sweet, citrusy flavor. Don’t be fooled by its size as this is fully able to produce buds that will blow your mind! Measuring at an average of 50-60cm this is truly one of the smallest marijuana strains available in the market today.