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A common practice of growers today is to buy their seed strains from online seed banks. When purchasing Cannabis seeds, there are usually several options available to make payments. Of course, the most common is still using Cash, Credit Cards, Checks or Bitcoins however there is also another new convenient way available today as there are now seed banks that accept Paypal.

With the rise of online stores on the internet, plus more available payment methods, a lot of people are now transacting using Paypal to purchase their marijuana seeds. This is only because Paypal is still known to be the safest online payment system against scammers and hackers and it is super quick! On click and you’re good to go.

Who are Seed Banks that Accept Paypal

Paypal with all its years is proven to be the most trustworthy payment method as it assures the buyer that the seed bank that takes Paypal or the company they are dealing with is legit and at the same time assure the seller that the payment will be made. This is because Paypal is very particular with their implementation of stricter rules where both customer and seller must adhere to in order to make the transaction successful. In saying this, it can also be considered that US seed banks that accept Paypal are more likely than not the ones to consider as the reputable seed banks in the US as well. This notion is not only limited in the US but all across the globe as Paypal applies its principles globally.

Paypal is quite popular and is common in many countries. This is practically used on a wide array of products that are purchased online and not only marijuana products. However, you can still use this to buy marijuana seeds from your own local weed seed store or dispensaries. On top of it being around for so long, Paypal is also considered as one of the most secure and safe payment methods. In saying this, we can also say that seed banks that accept Paypal as a payment method can also be considered as a legitimate business to deal with.

Who are Seed Banks that Don’t Accept Paypal

Remember that Paypal is known for its strict rules and regulations to use them. Also, shipping cannabis is still against the law in many countries. It is still not safe for people to purchase weed seeds online in some counties and places. Hence, Paypal is avoiding allowing their services to be used by seed banks or dispensaries that do not have a good record and reputation in dealing with their business.

Due to some doubts and some red flags raised on some seed banks based on Paypal’s policies for accepting merchants, some seed banks are not able to offer this as a payment method because they are not able to pass such rules and policies specified by Paypal, thus not getting accredited as a Paypal business account.
But, there are still reputable seed banks today that still don’t offer Paypal and the reason is they might be based in a country that does not offer the same services yet like in the US or Canada and is dependent on their location. One example is some Asian countries still do not use the services of Paypal resulting in their seed banks having a lack of this payment method.

Paypal Business Benefits

Furthermore, what is excellent about Paypal is its ability to process all types of currencies. Since a huge percentage of weed seeds, buyers come from many different countries with different kinds of money as well. So, it will be easier for customers and more convenient sending payments for their orders as Paypal can get this across and converted easily with no worries at all!

Paypal can also link easily with your bank accounts and credit cards in a few simple clicks and in this way you can easily monitor your funds or send payments without having to use any other applications at all. Just do everything in Paypal and you will be confident that the accounts you have linked to are also protected.

Finally, Paypal also has an immediate confirmation system that you will receive a notification, via SMS, an email with a tracking number indicated so you will know every time there is anything actioned within your account. That way you can easily monitor and be with ease every time you transact. Paypal also covers their customers, as if they receive an order that can be proven as a faulty one, Paypal will assist you in claiming a refund for the said order which is a super excellent feature to have.