How to Stop Calcium Deficiency in Cannabis

It would be incredibly disappointing if your feminized pots got sick after all your hard work and commitment. It's very real and normal on weeds that are poorly fed and fertilized. Calcium deficiency in cannabis happens either in the soil or in water. You must always be cautious in doing the prescribed scheme that suits the plant’s needs, which all [...]

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Marijuana Boron Deficiency – How to Cure your Feminized Marijuana Plants?

There are 17 chemicals in cultivating cannabis plants that are critical to how it will grow. Firstly,  from the most important nutrients which are N, P, K, (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium). Another uncommon chemical called Boron can be a culprit. It is rare but this will affect your yield if you let it. Most often, potassium or nitrogen deficiency follows along [...]

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