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Today we will discuss the pros and cons of autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering seeds are great for beginners because of its fast growth cycle. However, not all cultivators choose to cultivate auto seeds.

There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to cultivating auto flowers. Let us show you the different pros and cons of feminized cannabis seeds that are autos. This includes Autoflower plants flowering early and the difficulty in training the plant. Below are the feminized cannabis pros and cons of autoflowering strains.

Fast Growth Time – Pro

The main selling point of any auto plant is its fast growth time. The average time of auto plants to grow from a seed to a harvest-ready plant is around eight to 12 weeks only.

Producing your marijuana stash earlier than non-flowering strain is not the only advantage of the plant’s fast growth time. This also means that you will use less electricity and water when taking care of auto plants. Auto plants also do not need as many nutrients or fertilizers as photoperiod plants. You can save money in cultivating Autoflower plants instead of regular cannabis.

Breeding two different Autoflower plants are also easy to accomplish because of how fast a seed can grow into a harvest-ready plant. Creating a new strain that has the specific trait you want from two parents requires plenty of back breeding. This involves breeding the offspring to the parent strain.

It can take years of photoperiod seed production just to obtain a generation of seed that has all of the traits you want. Fortunately, Autoflowering seed halves the time it takes for each new generation of seed to grow and produce pollen or seeds.

Fast Growth Time – Con

The Autoflower plants flowering early is definitely an advantage to most cultivators. For experienced cultivators though, this trait makes the plant hard to train.

Training cannabis plants involves stressing them to a point that they adapt to the environment. This allows the plant to divert its auxin growth hormone to the side branches. By growing these branches, you create multiple colas that let you maximize the yield rate. Training is given during a plant’s vegetative phase when they are growing and developing their branches.

Stress is not a problem with regular plants since they have plenty of growth in their branches. However, auto plants do not have the same luxury. The fast growth time gives you a small window of opportunity for the plants to recover from the stress and develop multiple colas. If done incorrectly, training an auto plant can lead to little to no yields.

Apart from problems with training, fast-growth time is the reason why cloning Autoflower plants are difficult. Creating a clone involves cutting a significant portion of a plant, which will grow into the same mature plant. Given the short time that both the clone and mother plant has during the vegetative phase, you run the risk of two underdeveloped plants. This results in low-quality yields upon harvest.

Compact Size – Pro

Space can be a luxury for many people when it comes to accommodating marijuana plants. You will need a good portion of a room to cultivate tall Sativa plants that tend to grow more than seven feet. With Autoflower plants, however, you only need a small grow space to cultivate the plants.

Nearly every Autoflower plant will barely grow past four feet in height. Their compact size allows you to cultivate them in small spaces such as a grow cabinet or even a grow tent.

The compact size also opens up the possibility of discreet outdoor cultivation. Privacy is always important among breeders in order to avoid any unwanted attention to their homes. This includes criminals that are looking to steal marijuana plants. Thanks to the Autoflower plant’s compact size, you can grow them in your yard outside of anyone’s view.

Compact Size – Con

The small size of the Autoflower means that it does not have the same number of colas to produce its buds as photoperiod plants. With this in mind, Autoflower does not have the same yields as regular cannabis plants.
On the other hand, the fast growth time of the plant makes up for the lack of yields as regular photoperiod plants due to the size. The plant’s size even allows you to use affordable grow lights to the auto plants a sufficient amount of lighting.

Automatic Trait – Pro

All automatic plants can enter the flowering phase regardless of the light schedule. Photoperiod plants need to have 12 hours of lighting after going through 16 hours of lighting to enter the flowering stage. This means that indoor cultivators need to make the effort of adjusting their lighting timers to give the photoperiod plants the correct lighting exposure. On the other hand, you do not need to bother with this when cultivating automatic plants.

Because of the automatic trait, auto cannabis plants can receive more light throughout its flowering stage. This allows the plants to produce quality yields.

Automatic Trait – Con

Breeders have little control over the vegetative growth of the auto plants because of their nature. This is the same issue as the plant’s fast growth time. You cannot extend the auto plant’s vegetative phase in order to give them time to recover from their training and grow their side branches by manipulating the light schedule.

You now have a good grasp of the good and bad traits of an Autoflowering plant. Using auto seeds is a great way to produce your own medical stash that can treat common medical issues like insomnia. As Philip Denney would say “Cannabis is a safe and non-toxic alternative to the kind of drugs you find at pharmacies.”