Modern marijuana growing technologies are getting developed very quickly with some new-age techniques and methods that are discovered through several scientific advancements of cultivators and scientists. But, since its inception and until today Feminized seeds and Autoflowering seeds are still the top choices for seasoned growers due to the high return it offers and Autoflowers for novice growers for that ease and no stress experience!

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Overgrown Marijuana Plants: How to Deal with Them?

Everyone loves large marijuana plants, but they sometimes get too tall. It is not a good thing especially if you cultivated them in a restricted area. Moreso a stealth outdoor cannabis grower will not be happy to see his marijuana seeds Canada growing taller than the expected. This post will tell you what to do [...]

August 5th, 2019|Categories: Growing|0 Comments

5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks

It shouldn’t surprise you if you discover countless of cannabis seed banks on the Internet today. The reason why different kinds of dispensaries and seed banks are sprouting all over the world is more and more people are starting to embrace the medical marijuana culture. In addition, the number of countries and governments who are [...]

August 4th, 2019|Categories: Growing|0 Comments

Cannabis Guide 101: How to Grow Cannabis From Seeds?

Growing cannabis seeds has become a global trend these days. Thanks to the many governments and institutions that are aggressively pushing for its legalization, more research and studies are being conducted about the plant’s health benefits. Now, if you’ve decided to grow your own cannabis seeds, then congratulations! There’s no doubt that you’ll be able [...]

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How to Start Growing Cannabis Seeds for Beginners

Growing your own cannabis plant is a fun activity that will make you creative, patient and resourceful. Growing a cannabis plant is a step by step process that you need to undergo to have a successful harvest. You do not need to be a master in the garden to create your own successful yield. Each [...]

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How to Feminized a Male Marijuana Plant

There are several reasons why growers cultivate feminized cannabis seeds. For one, it is both resource and space-efficient in making sure that you also end up with female plants. Creating Feminized Seeds Cultivating cannabis means dealing with trichomes, resinous flowers, as well as rich cannabinoid profiles. These amazing characteristics are only available on female flowers. [...]

July 31st, 2019|Categories: Growing|0 Comments

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Bulk: Advantages and Disadvantages

Bulk buying is a form of art because it requires careful planning to ensure that you will not be wasting your resources. When done correctly, this method of shopping will reward you in the long run. Buying seeds in bulk doesn’t necessarily mean buying large quantities from the same kind of seed type. Some cannabis [...]

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