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Modern marijuana growing technologies are getting developed very quickly with some new-age techniques and methods that are discovered through several scientific advancements of cultivators and scientists. But, since its inception and until today Feminized seeds and Autoflowering seeds are still the top choices for seasoned growers due to the high return it offers and Autoflowers for novice growers for that ease and no stress experience!

FeminizedMJseeds.com is your reliable source for your daily vital and random information surrounding Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds and the latest updates about Marijuana growing techniques that are current and up to date!

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When Do Male Plants Pollinate Females

Female Cannabis plants need to undergo pollination for them to produce seeds. When pollinated it will also start to provide less focus on bud production. So, if you are not into producing seeds, then you do not need your plants to be pollinated. To do away with it you will have to do some effort [...]

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Gas Mask For Smoking Weed: Everything You Need To Know

Are you curious about using a gas mask for smoking weed? Here’s an article to learn more about the gas mask bong or the smoke mask weed bong and how to use it! I’m sure that anyone who has visited a headshop might have seen some types of a weed smoking gas mask for sale [...]

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What Are The Downsides Of Smoking Weed

Is Marijuana Safe to Consume? There are now several states that have already legalized the use of weed recreationally. And due to high poll results and popular demand, Americans have shown support and favor on this practice. It may be soon enough that we get to a point that we can freely smoke up a [...]

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Seed Banks That Accept Paypal 2020 Updates

A common practice of growers today is to buy their seed strains from online seed banks. When purchasing Cannabis seeds, there are usually several options available to make payments. Of course, the most common is still using Cash, Credit Cards, Checks or Bitcoins however there is also another new convenient way available today as there [...]

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Can Autoflowers Grow Under 12/12 Light Cycle?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by beginner growers nowadays - Can Autoflowers grow under 12/12 ? The answer is YES! There are still a number of growers that still grow their autoflowering Marijuana plants under a 12/12 light schedule during and before the flowering stages of its life. This is totally [...]

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Best Strains for Hot Humid Climate

Selecting only the best strains for hot humid climate is a crucial factor when growing Cannabis outdoors in the warmer regions of the world. As resilient as the Cannabis plants are they can grow and thrive in a whole array of climates and conditions. But, there are Marijuana strains that thrive better than others when [...]

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