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Before you even think about rushing to any supplier or online store for cannabis some seeds or a grow box for your hydroponics. You first have to learn the art of growing feminized marijuana plants. It is an art. A delicate art that requires an effort and hard work for you to be able to grow your first plant. Also, with lots of feminine seeds that can yield more leaves and clones. Further more, it would be nice for us to also know the critical numbers we need which can make our monitoring easier within the process of growing. So what are the stages of that process?

What Are Marijuana Plant Growing Stages?

In the germination stage, the seeds would need an ample nutrition load to make itself grow. It needs sunlight and moisture to make it come out of its shell. At the peak of this stage, you will see two cotyledon leaves appear from the soil. You can start with a shot glass and some mineral water and leave it there for the rest of the week. Try to change the mineral water from time to time.

The Different Growing Stages of the Marijuana Plant

1. What is the Seedling Stage?

After the germination stage, you will notice the start of some leaves growing, trying to show off to the world. In this stage, the plant would start building sturdier root systems and will actually even grow more and faster than the last stage.

2. What is the Vegetative Stage?

The weed is already stretching to finds its way, stature, composure and beauty. It can grow as much as 2-3 inches per day which is a direct reason for the need for a better rooting system, so they could absorb nutrients faster. You will also notice some alterations in its body from a small sprout to a bigger plant that will already indicate the plant’s gender.

3. What is the Flowering Stage?

Also known as the final stage of growth. In this phase, a lot has happened to your little sprout. Now that the plant discovers its gender, it is ready to reproduce. Check for the resin that is usually present in mature leaves, as this contains a harmful substance called THC, this will help you know the leaves that are ready to be picked.

Control Parameters vary from stage to stage. The vegetative stage will need more sunlight than the mature group or the germination state will need more attention and silence. Furthermore, pH levels, relative humidity, temperature and nutrients vary on each stage. Knowing the best for each phase will definitely help you grow your weed to its maximum potential yield while spending less.

Good luck!