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Grow boxes and grow tents are just the usual cages for indoor marijuana. As it is, compared with the soil-grown ones, a lot of the essential requirements for plant growth are mostly replaced with something artificial except for the water.

Lighting systems in indoor feminized marijuana seeds grow rooms replace the light source. By having lightbulbs instead of the sunlight itself and with the importance of this function; we should, by all means, pick the best grow light for our precious pots.

What Types of Lighting Systems are There?

For starters, you might want to try CFLs or what they call Flourescent Lighting because it’s relatively cheap and easy to set up. Advisable for 1-3 growing plants.

For professional growers, there are a few really good choices in the market nowadays, starting with the MH/HPS Combo (HID Grow lights), like Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium Lights (HPS), suitable for large scale operations because it’s very low maintenance. This method is one of the most tested and proven grow lights in the industry. It is highly recommended for serious growers as it is quite pricey and would incur a lot of electricity costs.

LED lights have also been a craze nowadays, as you usually see them in cars and kitchens but this kind of light is one of the most expensive in comparison to every type in the market. It bears enough low heat at low energy costs.

What Should I Pick From the Lighting Systems for My Feminized Marijuana Plants?

For beginners there are a few more things that you should know before getting anything. Buy a set of a bulb, ballast and a hood/reflector. This is so to make it easy for you. You’ll learn to choose lights as you gain experience in this.

While for serious growers, the most important thing is the type of the bulb and the ballast that compliments it. If you’re using HID lamps, 150-250 watt bulbs can cover 1-3 plants or around 3 ft sq. This is mostly better than LEDs and CFLs. There are growers that stay with 400-600 w bulb/ballast that can cover around 4-12 plants. The 600 W-bulb is one of the most used lightings among growers as it produces enough lighting power with lesser electricity. With whatever lighting system you choose, just bear in mind the instructions indicated in their packages to avoid fire hazards that can light up our precious weeds.

Happy Growing!