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While growing marijuana plants they will need sun and light. They can just take in so much and for a grower, you have to watch out for the excess heat that can ruin them. Placing them outside your homes under direct sunlight is a sure-fire way of stressing your plant which causes “marijuana heat stress” objectively. Start planning before planting. If you have a ground for outdoor planting, try to think first if the temperature in your area will support their growth, if not, then try to do something less outdoorsy. By science, heat will help your plant grow faster, considering the optimal level in which they thrive, which varies strain by strain, though as a general rule try to stick to 30-40 C.

The symptom of heat stress is pretty straightforward and you can tell it already when you see the leaves- that supposed to be for your pleasure, turn into brown-yellow curled up leaves. Stems also start to harden and you’ll see more ‘sightings’ on its leaves.

What Should I Do to Prevent Heat Stress on My Feminized Marijuana Plants?

Find a way to get a hold of a temperature monitor. If you’ve planted it indoors, try to check the air circulation of the room and for you to remember it better then try to come up with your Water My Pot schedule. Also, make an effort to lower the temperature, if the room feels kind of hot for you. By using electric fans or air conditioners just to cool the room for a moment. An exhaust system will also go a long way in reducing that unwanted hot air in the area. Ideally coupled with an oscillating fan for only $25 you can give your wonderland some air to breathe.

Liquid fertilizers seaweed extracts are also commonly used to help the plant recuperate from the stress.

For outdoor planting, as I have mentioned- PLAN. You know how hot it would be during summer at your locale. So try to prepare some shade where you can put your weeds under to control heat. Potted plants can move regularly from place to place. To make sure that they still get the heat they need, especially for newly planted cannabis. You can apply liquid fertilizers daily as well together with your watering schedule. Outdoor grown cannabis plants are very prone to heat stress so take extra care for them. It would take at least a few weeks for them to come around. But once your weeds are out of the woods. You’ll see that your effort and money will not be wasted because of heat. Good luck!