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For the past few decades, Amsterdam has been the epitome of marijuana independence. The annual Cannabis cup and its rich dispensaries all contribute to the character of the city that makes it one of the most sought after tourist destination as it offers liberation to everyone who wishes to smoke weed with pleasure. If your itinerary involves weed tasting, accessing Amsterdam marijuana seeds, or marijuana shopping, Amsterdam is the best destination for you.

Growing Marijuana in Amsterdam

Is it completely legal to purchase and smoke marijuana products in all parts of Amsterdam? No. This is a huge misconception for those who believe that everything about weed is legal in this city.

They allow consumption and possession of a limited amount of marijuana, but smoking in public is an illicit act in Amsterdam. This used to go hand in hand with severe penalties but as times went by, the police got used to the stoned tourists roaming around the place so they sort of allowed it. However, this does not mean that you can get away with smoking weed in public; you’ll still get a fair warning from the authorities.


Another huge misconception in Amsterdam is everybody believe that all residents are High Friendly. Not all residents share the same opinion with the stoners. Some of them don’t care, while others are simply tolerating it. They are the residents who hate stoned groups and they don’t use any form of marijuana.

Even if the government has made several conservative actions, the marijuana industry is still booming in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, which makes it the primary factor that appeals to tourists. It also has weed-friendly coffee outlets that offer a wide variety of strains to visitors and residents alike.

Out of all the different varieties of marijuana products, the most famous strains that are sought after by tourists are the ones that are Cannabis Cup winners. To determine the winner for this prestigious competition, experts examine the taste, aroma, THC potency, and effects of each strain from different breeders and growers. Professional and unbiased experts judge the strains and decide which seed company produced the best sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. After the winners for each category are determined, they will sell them in the open market, aka in coffee shops.

Apart from this, seed banks also utilized advanced technology to create fresh new breeds. Countless experiments are undertaken and the results of the rigorous trials are introduced in Amsterdam and different parts of the world, through online shops.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

If you decide to grow your marijuana stash in Amsterdam, there are a lot of advantages that you can get. It is a fulfilling hobby that allows you to manipulate the growth and nutrients of your crop. No matter what inspires you to cultivate your plant, you should know how to pick the seeds with top-quality. To do this, you have to know the various kinds of strains available in the market. You also need to be watchful of any issues that might arrive when you order seeds online.

Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

The first and most important step in growing marijuana is choosing the right type of seed you want to cultivate. Below are the three main types of seeds that you can choose from:

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular seeds develop into female and male plants. They reproduce naturally, without any chemicals or genetic alteration. When you cultivate this type of seed, you’ll end up with both male and female marijuana plants.

They are easy to grow, especially for first-time growers. However, it requires surefire sex identification knowledge, since male plants need to be identified and prevented from pollinating the females. If you fail to separate both sexes, your entire pot harvest will be damaged.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seeds are genetically manipulated to make sure that all developing plants are female. These seeds undergo the process of feminization to achieve an all-female crop. Breeders feminize the seeds by spraying the plants with several mixtures including gibberellic acid, colloidal silver, or using the technique called Rodelization.

Female marijuana seeds have a chance of becoming hermaphrodites and obtain the physical trait of male and female plant however, feminized seeds are resistant to being hermaphrodites. Experts carefully breed them in appropriate conditions to prevent acquiring both sexes. By removing the task of identifying male over female plants, growers can save time and energy.

If your goal is to produce high yields, feminized seeds are the best option for you. They are suitable for first-time growers because they don’t require an extensive process of identifying the sexes of each plant.

On the other hand, if you are looking for diversity in your crop, feminized seeds might not be the best option for you. These seeds contain one set of genes, making them almost the same as their female parent plant.

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds automatically transition to the flowering cycle once they are at the right age. It is unlike any other variety of strains that needs interruption from the grower to adjust the light fixture before heading straight to the flowering cycle. This is the reason they call this variety of marijuana seeds auto-flowering.

You can buy Auto-flowering seeds in the form of regular or feminized; it just depends on how you want it. This is the best strain for a newbie since it doesn’t need specific light fixtures for each life cycle. These seeds will develop into well-nurtured plants and they don’t need a lot of attention.

Additionally, it is also suitable for the indoor garden in northern climates because it can survive short summers. Auto-flowering seeds will benefit from the hot days of summer, due to the abundant light energy. So, if you are looking for a variety that provides supreme yield, auto-flowering enters the flowering stage in just a short period, which means you’ll have more harvest period each year. In just a matter of 2 to 3 months, you can harvest your marijuana plants and enjoy the buds they produce.

Precautions in Buying Seeds from Abroad

Over the years, the laws regarding cannabis have changed. Some states have already made a huge improvement in their law, while others are still treating marijuana as an illicit substance. Medical marijuana activists like Dr. Michele Ross have made inroads in educating the public about the benefits of CBD and marijuana.

In Europe, marijuana seeds are already legal. This legalization movement even allowed seed purchases from other countries and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Knowing this, European countries established dispensaries and retail stores where consumers can buy their supply of marijuana products.

Though marijuana is regulated in Europe, the laws change once you take the product to a different country. This means that if marijuana is legal in your state, it might be illegal in another, and vice versa.

This is the reason that confuses consumers and retailers are about the status of marijuana in their country. Another confusion that contributes to this matter is when 180 states sign in the international treaty that categorizes marijuana as an illicit substance. However, marijuana seeds are not illegal under this treaty since it doesn’t have any narcotic properties that are present in its plant. Marijuana seeds are legal in all 180 states that signed the treaty.

Being the home of marijuana, it is legal to buy seeds and CBD in Europe. However, it is still illegal in the Netherlands. They only authorize this because of the tolerance policy. Cultivating cannabis is an illegal act but the authorities allow growing of small batches of marijuana for personal use.


Moreover, countries in South America have already legalized the use of marijuana. Brazil is close to complete marijuana legalization, while Uruguay is at the peak of decriminalization to drive off illegal trafficking of the plant. Since most Latin American countries are a member of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, marijuana seeds, in general, are legal. But given the delicate situation that envelops the legalization of the substance in different parts of the world, checking the laws in your country is very important.

If you are a citizen of the US, technically, marijuana seeds are illegal in all states under federal law. But since some states have already allowed marijuana for medical and recreational use, this gets even more confusing. To clearly understand the laws in your area, you can visit the local government and ask about the existing policies that govern your state.


Once you acquaint yourself with the types of Amsterdam marijuana seeds available in the market, and the process of how you can germinate it, starting the whole cultivation procedure will be a piece of cake. Top-rated marijuana seeds are for sale all over the internet. You can choose among the varieties of strains and the type of high that you wish to experience. But most importantly, make it a point to check the local laws in your area with regards to growing marijuana.