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When planning on growing marijuana, the first step you have to take is deciding on where to grow them. You have the option of growing outdoors or by using some indoor marijuana growing system. Once, you decide and go with growing marijuana indoors, keep in mind that a lot of preparation is required with its challenges and benefits that are crucial for you to know and understand. That is if you want to end up with a primo stash of weed. In this article, we will try to discuss the different types of indoor marijuana growing systems to give you an overview.

What are Indoor Marijuana Growing Systems

There are a lot of reasons why growers choose to grow indoors but one that is most sought after is its ability to provide a better yield if done correctly. Indoor Marijuana growing allows the plant to be subjected to a controlled environment that is tailor fitted to what Cannabis plants require to thrive and grow more robust.

The Second reason why people opt to grow marijuana indoors is because of privacy reasons, within the bounds of law or not, people are still uncomfortable in exposing themselves to the eyes of the neighbors and passers by, and to secure themselves from quick judgement or even theft for other onlookers who are into consuming Cannabis as well.

Growing Marijuana Indoors provide protection not only against elements but also on other hazards that are beyond our control. With the ability to control every factor in the plant’s environment we are able to ensure that they get the most nutrients and light as they can absorb. Hence the increase in quantity and quality of Marijuana buds to harvest.

Types of Indoor Marijuana Growing System

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems have quite a wide array of forms and complexity to it, from an expensive greenhouse that is artificially heated to a simple positioning of your plants in front of a window so they can take advantage of the natural light when it is available. It’s primary advantage is the way it allows use of natural and artificial lighting as a source of light which with common sense can drastically pull down power costs in the long run as sunlight is always free and is still considered as the best form of light for Cannabis plants.

Closed Systems

While pot placement beside a window is the most intuitive way, this is still not an option available to some growers. Many growers do not have the luxury of having a good lighted window or even not having the living room at all as an option to grow weed in. Furthermore, If you do have such, not always would you want people to see what you are growing as a houseplant and worried that some people may pass judgement too quickly, especially if you live in a place where this is not allowed by law.

Closed Indoor Marijuana Growing systems means that all the life support your Cannabis plants needs must be provided with use of some tools and equipment. Most experienced growers prefer this System as it allows you to have full control of the plants environment while making sure no stress will be subjected to your plants from seeds to harvest.

Indoor Marijuana Growing System Guide

Don’t be intimidated on how Marijuana indoor growing systems work as this option will definitely make other concerns easier along the Cannabis plant’s life cycle. All you have to do is to have a good grasp of the concept of growing marijuana indoors and make sure you prepare your grow room with paying attention to detail.

A grow room should be able to offer all the things the plant needs from seedling to harvest such as light, ventilation, water and temperature. All of this of course is reliant on the proper medium on which the plant will grow may it be soil or hydroponics.

Cannabis plants need to receive light cycles of light and darkness in their life cycle if you are growing regular seeds. These changes in the photo exposure periods trigger the plant to go to its next phase which is to produce buds or flowers. However, if you are growing a feminized autoflower seed then you can adjust accordingly to provide as much light to the plant as you can. Some expose their plants to light as much as 24 hours a day!

Ambient temperature of the grow room or box must be in the ballpark of 70 degrees. Make sure there is good ventilation inside it that allows fresh air to come in while driving out bad air altogether. Of course, soil quality and nutrients are also a factor but with this environment that protects the plant from other external hazards, surely indoor marijuana growing systems are worth doing!