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Many countries and states have already considered legalizing Cannabis, with that a lot of opportunities add up for us growers out there. It’s nice to have a lot of pot and knowing more methods of growing can help us maximize our weed. So, another method that I will be introducing today is about Hydroponic Grow Tent. Grow tents are tents that can support life for your weed. It is recommended for indoor growing so you can separate your real life to your ‘high’ life. It can fit into your cupboard areas, cabinets or even your bedroom if you want. Grow tents provide certain protection to our weed as well as ease of controlling their growth parameters.

How Big of a Grow Tent Should I buy?

How big depends on how much. You have to figure out first if you want to plant on a pot with soil or plant it hydroponically, either way, it works on a grow tent. For beginners, 35 in x 10 in (1m x 0.5m) would be enough but there are bigger tents to suit your needs as well and just an add on, don’t buy tents that are PVC made as they can emit toxic fumes that are harmful to our weeds.

Where Should You Put My Grow Tent?

If you’re living in an area where it is already legal, there’s no need for you to tiptoe around but if you’re in the red state for pots then make sure that you put your tent to a place where people will not suspect anything. You have to go stealth mode. Having a greenhouse could also help. Though wherever you want to put it, the most important thing is the presence of air circulation and electricity. Heat is very essential for their growth so if you will put your tent in cold places mind the right temperature for either the room or the tent by adjusting your windows to let the sunlight in or turn the light bulbs on for heat to avoid too much heat stress in your cannabis plant.

Do you Need a Grow Tent for your Cannabis?

If you’re on a tight budget then you can build your own Grow Tent made of wood or fabric. Just make sure to make it sturdy so it will not collapse and ruin your precious pots. The thing with grow tents is that it is easily transferable to one place or another. Some designs are for easy assembly so you can relocate your pots anytime you want. If you’re in an apartment or crowded places, I would suggest that you get one.

Growing feminized cannabis In hydroponic tents is a really fun way to grow weed. It would be like a baby in an incubator that you see and take care of every day.

Good luck!