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The ultimate goal of planting autoflower weed seeds is definitely to smoke it later on. Consequently, beginners sometimes have difficulty getting that ‘high’ in smoking autoflower weeds. Well, the good news is that there are higher chances of the cannabis shot to reach this intensity.

After months of taking care of your cannabis plant, the most exciting point is to come. Now, you’re ready to taste the fruits of your labor. Officially, you could smoke your cannabis buds and experience that ‘high’ and good feeling that your co-cannabis buddies have been telling you.

However, there’s one problem, you don’t really know how to use and ‘smoke’ cannabis. This is no joke. As simple as this looks, the process of smoking weeds ain’t easy. You have to turn your attention to the most important details.

In this article, we’ll examine the ways on how to smoke most specifically the autoflower weeds. Aside from that, we’ll be able to understand how to get that maximum ‘high’ through the use of these autoflower weeds. Scroll below to find out more.

What is an Autoflower Weed?

This is the third type of weed species (sativa and indica) that is known. Its widely known in the scientific community as cannabis ruderalis. In layman’s term, it is referred to as autos, autoflower, or automatic cannabis.

Likewise, to any other cannabis strain, the autoflowering weeds also contain cannabinoids including THC and CBD to keep you high or relax. As a matter of fact, a lot of cannabis smokers use this type of weed for only a few moments in their life.

The origins of this strain are said to have happened by its adaptation or mutation to the environment’s condition. Its first strains, grown in the wild were found in the coldest portions of Siberia. A place where sunlight is extremely deficient.

Unlike the two strains, the ruderalis varieties have distinguishable traits that you’ll easily recognize. They’re often short in stature (50 to 100 cm) and could be ready for harvest within just a month or two. As said, these strains don’t require a lot of sunlight to grow. They essentially survive on flexible environmental conditions.

With its short lifespan and stature, you’ll be able to expect that it won’t give you high bud yields as compared to other strains. Also, most ruderalis strains have low to moderate THC, a cannabinoid component that keeps you euphoric.

Though it will only give you a mild ‘high’, this strain has still been used by a lot. It’s the most convenient, fast, and safest way to get cannabis. It could be grown indoors and easily camouflaged into your other plants without anyone noticing it.

How to Smoke an Autoflower Weed?

If you’re a beginner and you have limited idea on smoking autoflower weed, then don’t worry because we are here to help you. It’s most likely similar to any other strain. The only difference is the particular type of weed you’ll be using. For basics, here are the steps to do it.


It’s essential that the weeds will be evenly granulated for a maximum flow of air while smoking. Use a grinder to assist you in this activity. To use a grinder, all you have to do is put a few amount on it, then shake it and you are good to go.


Generally, there are four ways to smoke cannabis. The (1) joint, (2) blunt, (3) bong and (4) the pipe. These four methods are being used depending on your preference.

The Joint

To prepare the joint, all you have to do is to put the ground cannabis evenly onto the rolling paper. Then, slowly roll it similarly to how you roll a dollar bill. After then, seal it by wetting its ends. Let it dry for a few minutes and voila! You are now ready to smoke!


Blunts look just like longer and thicker joints. However, they are essentially made from different materials. Blunts are usually made from tobacco wraps. Nonetheless, folding or rolling a blunt is just as similar to the joint. Likewise, you have to put it evenly in the blunt and then roll or fold it. After then, wet to seal it as needed.

Smoking Pipes

Unlike joints and blunts, pipes vary in sizes, structures, and even build. However, all of these pipes have a similar method of smoking. Pipes have essentially three basic parts. The bowl, where you’ll put the ground weeds, the mouthpiece, where you’ll put your mouth to assist smoking, and the carb, the exhaust of your smoke.

To smoke, all you have to do is fill the bowl with a weed. Then, suck out from the mouthpiece from your mouth or lips. Make sure to position your thumb to block the carb for exhaust. Afterward, light the weed into the bowl and you could now start smoking.


Most bongs usually have similar parts to a pipe. The only difference is that it includes water which acts as a chamber and filter to ensure a clean and satisfying smoke experience. Likewise, to a pipe, you’ll just have to put weed into the bowl and light it over. Smoke through using the mouthpiece. As compared to the other three, bongs are safer and at the same time, the most expensive for purchase.

STEP 3. Smoke and Clean it

After smoking, then you’ll have to clean the mess and wash your marijuana paraphernalia with water thoroughly. It should be kept dried and secured in a well-sanitized place to ensure that it will not be contaminated.

How to get a ‘Maximum’ High?

It’s exhausting to know that upon planting autoflower weed seeds and then harvesting it, you’ll quite get disappointed upon smoking it. For the reason that the weed does not deliver the best and expected ‘high’ that you always wanted.

As you’ve known, autoflowering weeds have a moderate amount of THC. Thus, it’s expected that it won’t be as euphoric as the other THC-rich strains. Though, you could do something to at least improve your smoking experience by following these few tips.

Research and study it well

Everyone has a different reaction to cannabis. It’s best to do your own personal diagnosis and identify what’s suited to your body’s condition. There could be strains that get you high that other people won’t. Thus, careful examination and study is a must.

Start with small doses

Always begin with a few little doses to avoid comparison on each of the cannabis’s strengths. Slowly increase the doses until you’ll be satisfied with the ‘highness’. It is basically unsafe for a beginner to try large doses for you’d never know how much tolerance you could handle. It could be deadly at times to some people.

Evaluate your environment

It sometimes has to do with the mood or ambiance. Make sure to smoke in a very satisfying environment. It could be watching a good television show, movie, or listening to cannabis taunting music. Sometimes it could be all psychological, depending on how you foresee or want it. Nevertheless, experts suggested to smoke during the night to be more relaxed and calm.

Try a different smoking method

Bongs are usually the most effective among the four methods examined. It delivers you the strongest and most suitable high among all. However, there are other existing methods that will deliver you the highest. Otherwise, these methods are quite expensive and not recommended for beginners. Nonetheless, other than the weed, there are various materials to be used in smoking cannabis. You could use concentrates, THC oil, edibles, or hash which contains a greater amount of THC. Also, you could try vaping though it is very expensive to use.

Always GRIND the weed

Research tells us that grinding the weed ensures a more satisfying smoking experience. Likewise, grinding the weed makes burning consistent. As compared to weeds that are not evenly granulated, this entirely gives you a longer and more intense euphoria.

The Final Word

The method of smoking autoflowering weeds is just similar to any type of weeds. The only difference is the degree of euphoria that you’ll experience. Though there are few ways that you could enhance its performance, its essential to be informed on the existing laws and your weed tolerance as well. Your safety and security are the utmost priority and we don’t want to risk that with a single cannabis shot. Be careful and happy smoking!