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Cultivating marijuana is tied in with getting that ideal buds that are rich in cannabinoids. These stunning attributes are only found on the female plants. Having gardens brimming with powerful, unpollinated cannabis females implies containers loaded with mind and body reacting chunks of weed. So, how to make marijuana seeds feminized? That is the big question…

The main bummer, except if you grow from clones, is that Marijuana is wired to deliver about half male seeds and half females. It is only the only true nature of this wonder plant.

Wouldn’t it be sweet on the off chance that it was conceivable to grow all females from seed, each plant, inevitably?

All things considered, that is the place the feminizing Method becomes an integral factor: two methods of controlling the Marijuana plant to deliver just females from seed, without fail. To be honest, it isn’t each time. Be that as it may, 99% of the time is a truly decent number, and could be viewed as totally male concern-free.

The overall practice behind feminization is that female plants are compelled to deliver pollen, which is thus used to fertilize other female plants. The result? Coming about seeds will be feminized, with no danger of further fertilization.

Learn How to Make Marijuana Seeds Feminized

The 2-Method to Make Marijuana Seeds Feminized:


Colloidal silver is a refined water-based solution in which minute particles of silver are suspended. The idea of colloids implies the particles will never settle out and can’t be evacuated by typical sifting. Colloidal silver is accessible industrially, or you can make your own on the off chance that you need to nerd out. It has various utilizations as an elective medication. For instance, it is utilized to alleviate conditions, as a germicide and for digestion stimulation in individuals, and as a parasitic control in agriculture.

Be certain the quality is, in any event at 15ppm, ideally 30ppm. Under 15ppm produces male sacs with minimal suitable pollen.

In any case, select a plant that has the qualities you need to save. Feminizing clones is the standard practice as the growing, blooming, and resin qualities from the mother are now known. There is no requirement for any vegetation time once a clone is very much established. Basically pot the clone into a little pot, allow it daily or two to recuperate, and start a 12-12 light cycle immediately. A pollen-producing plant just should be little as Marijuana produces bounteous measures of pollen.

Indication: Make two clones once a plant has been chosen, one to be feminized and one to be left for fertilization. Along these lines, a different growth space is made to avoid inadvertent seeding of different plants, or an unplanned sniffle of pollents ending up pollinating an entire grow cabinet, So maintained at a strategic distance.

Plants can be incited to develop male sex organs as late as about a month into blooming. Even though spraying a week before the light changes over is suggested for clones. On the off chance that a plant from a seed is utilized, hold up until they have sexed before spraying so you can be certain it is female.

Spray the plants to be feminized with colloidal silver each day, and three times each day on the off chance that you can oversee. spray them well. Do this for about fourteen days, at that point leave the plants to grow as ordinary. A few producers report getting results after spraying for just 5–10 days.

When sexing starts, male sacs will develop rather than pistils and female calyxes. Male plants grow a lot quicker than females, and feasible pollen can be normal inside 3 a month once the plant has been sexed. A few producers will spray until the plant shows sexual development, just to be certain the method has worked. Ensure these plants are all around segregated from any blooming females. A burst case can discharge a large number of pollen spores, and it just takes one spore for every hair to make a seed.

When the plants have been sprayed with the agent used which is colloidal silver and the pollen is gathered, they are now a goner and don’t smoke them. Giving them an exhaustive wash won’t work. The colloidal silver is a foundational treatment ingested into the plant through the foliage and not a skin application. Be on the safe side and throw them in the trash.


Marijuana is an unnatural state of Cannabis. Without human intercession, it is uncommon to discover an unpollinated female in the wild—except if it was sterile. At the point when cannabis plants are left to go past their attractive development stage by various weeks, the plant, through whatever stunning procedures advancement has given, realize it has not been pollinated. As a final desperate attempt at engendering, it will create male pollen sacs with an end goal to self-fertilize.

This isn’t the consequence of hereditary or stress-actuated hermaphroditism. They are real XX chromosomes of male bananas. With all the hereditary data from the female and no Y chromosome, utilizing rodelized pollen makes female-just seeds, although similarly as with colloidal silver, an incidental male may show up.


Now you know How to Make Marijuana Seeds Feminized then you should think about taking advantage of this knowledge. Feminized seeds are overly proficient for indoor and outdoor cultivation. With Growing Feminized seeds you can ensure that no area, time, and assets are being given to plants that will eventually be discarded, meaning the males.

Essentially, when growing outside where a large plant can expend a great deal of time and assets in upkeep before you get to harvest, feminized plants are additionally a sure-fire way to lessen accidental pollination from happening. There’s nothing more regrettable than shrubbery slamming out to a very much concealed harvest just to discover a maverick male or two have impregnated each female plant.