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One of the most expensive cannabis seeds in the market is feminized Autoflower cannabis seeds. These seeds are not just feminized but also have the impressive characteristics of Autoflowering cannabis. 

Now, growing feminized cannabis is not as easy as it looks especially when it’s too expensive to buy seeds. This type of seeds is known to be the most expensive kind and sometimes these are not available in local seed banks and online stores. So how do you cope with high seed prices and lack of supply? The answer is learning how to make feminized Autoflower seeds

Is it Possible to Make your Own Seeds at Home?

There’s no doubt that the solution to this predicament is to just grow your own seeds at home. Yes, it’s possible to grow your seeds because autos are very easy to grow and have short lifespans. If you have your own seeds at home, you can confidently grow your own recreational or medicinal cannabis supply. 

What you’ll Need

You will need the following to make your own feminized auto seeds.

  • A few feminized Autoflower seeds
  • Growing material
  • Grow pot or container
  • Small spray bottle
  • Peat cubes
  • Small brush
  • Colloidal silver
  • Small container with a cover

How it’s Done

Germinate your feminized Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Assuming you don’t have feminized Autoflowering cannabis plants yet, you will initially germinate your seeds. Place peat pellets in a bucket of water and let this absorb water for a few hours. 

After the pellets have grown fatter, remove from the water and squeeze the water out a bit. Open the pellet and place one seed in it. Close the pellet and place all the pellets in a bucket with a small amount of water. 

Your seeds will soon germinate and will start to sprout from the pellet. This can happen anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Continuously check the amount of water inside the bucket and replace it as necessary.

Plant your newly sprouted seeds in growing material
  • Soon, your seeds inside the pellet will have grown into a seedling with more roots and more leaves. 
  • Remove this from the bucket and transfer it in a larger container. 
  • Whatever you do, never touch the roots because this can cause a lot of stress to plants. 
  • Fill a container with cannabis-friendly soil and then water this. Let the water flow out of the hole from the pot and let this dry a bit.
  • Make a hole in the middle of the soil inside the container. It should be deep enough to deposit the peat pellet in. Take the pellet and place this inside the hole. Cover the pellet with remaining soil. The leaves of the plants should not be touching the surface soil. Water this until water has flowed from the drainage hole.
Support your plants during the vegetative phase

Your seedlings won’t need additional fertilizer, supplements or nutrients when these are newly transferred to a large growing pot. It will acquire its nutrients from the growing medium and also from what’s left of the seed. 

After a week or two, you may proceed with feeding your juvenile plants with fertilizer they make for plants at the vegetative phase. The ideal mix has Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium hence the abbreviation NPK.

Nitrogen is a nutrient that plants use to grow new leaves and stems and branches. Your plants will also need phosphorus and potassium at this stage to improve plant growth and support the food making capabilities of plants.

Aside from providing the ideal nutrition, remember the following:
  • Watch out for pests that your plants acquire from the soil and also from other plants. If you spot a bug, remove these using safe methods. You may spray these with water to remove them safely and naturally. 
  • Monitor nutrient deficiencies. You will be able to tell that your plants have nutrient problems when it is not growing new leaves, not drinking properly or it has leaves and parts with different colours. Correct any problems early so this won’t affect your plants as well.
  • Be mindful of moulds that can affect plants from the vegetative stage and also during the flowering stage. Mould problems should be solved fast because this can eat up your plants. Use natural methods to remove moulds and deal with moisture problems at once.
  •  Take time to check humidity and temperature levels. During the seedling phase, your plants require high humidity however, as soon as it starts to grow taller and produce more new leaves, place the growing area in lower humidity. Use a digital hygrometer to get accurate humidity readings. Use a dehumidifier to accurately correct humidity. You may also open a door or window to reduce humidity levels fast.

Watch out for the pre-flowering phase

  • After seven to nine weeks, your plants will now be ready to bloom. Since you have all females, you won’t need to watch out for male plants. 
  • Check for the growth of female parts which appear as small wispy white flowers. These flowers are called pistils and are located along the junctions between the stems and branches. 
  • The counterpart of female pistils is male sacs or balls which grow along with the same place. These balls are usually green and contain pollen which will burst out when the time is right. If the pollen comes out of the sacs and reaches your female pistils, your female plants will become fertilized and will bear regular seeds. 

So whatever happens, watch out for males and remove these as soon as you spot them. 

Apply colloidal silver

Now that the pistils of your female plants have been defined, select a healthy female and apply colloidal silver on the plant’s stem. Colloidal silver is basically silver and water mixed together. It somehow stimulates the plant to develop male parts. 

Continue applying colloidal silver in a spray bottle until your plants start to grow balls and sacs. Soon, these sacs will ripen and will burst open to reveal feminized pollen.

You will notice that the sacs will dry up and then crack open. Watch out for this and always have your container ready to collect the feminized pollen.

Collect feminized pollen from the male parts.

Once the balls and sacs burst open, remove the parts and place these in a small container. Use a small brush to apply the pollen on the pistils. As much as possible, soak the pistils with pollen.

Pollinate buds with feminized pollen

Use a small brush to apply the pollen. You may also use your fingertips to apply pollen if you don’t have a small paintbrush. If you have leftover pollen place this inside a container with a very tight cover. Place this container inside your fridge in the coldest section. 

You can preserve pollen for months as long as this is kept in a conducive environment. When you want to use your cold preserved pollen, take it out of the freezer and thaw it inside the fridge. Once the pollen has completely thawed, take it out of the fridge and place it on the kitchen counter to further thaw the pollen out. 

Never use microwave ovens and oven toasters too.

Harvest your seeds

Give your plants a few days and you will soon have a large number of seeds. Most of the time, you can get a hundred seeds from one plant.

Store your Feminized Autoflowering Seeds

After harvesting, place your seeds in a container. A mason jar is the best container for storing cannabis because these have durable and tight lids and will keep your seeds fresh for a long time. 

Mason jars come in different sizes so choose just the right size that will work for your needs. And when you place seeds inside jars, never fill the jar up to the lid with seeds because the seeds at the bottom will eventually compress.

You may also place your seeds in plastic but you need to keep the plastic moisture-free. And no matter what type of storage material you use for your seeds, make sure you label these using a sticker with extra-strong adhesive. 

Always label

Include in the label the harvest date of the seeds, the type of seed strain, the strains used to make the seeds and other important information.

Do you know that when properly stored, cannabis seeds can remain viable for a decade? Although this is possible, you should always prefer to use fresh seeds. Fresh cannabis seeds will be able to germinate faster and will ensure healthy plants. 

Keep your mason jars with cannabis seeds in a dark shelf or cabinet. Never place your seeds or hide it in areas where it could lose its viability. Also, Never place seeds at the back of appliances, on top of the oven or in the trunk of your car because these areas are very hot. Think of a cool place to store your precious seeds and it’s a guarantee that you can store them for years to come.