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One thing cool about marijuana plants is their capability to thrive in water. This method of growing pots does not need any landmass or soil to nourish but just a space, some gravel and sand, and water or even misted air. Hydroponics is a technique of nurturing plants and growing them in any medium aside from soil with nutrition coming from its water systems. Learning how to grow hydroponic weed for beginners is an essential method for growing marijuana successfully.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis in Hydroponics?

Control is the major advantage of growing our weed hydroponically. You can control the nutrient levels, the pests, and diseases from the soil, the people who see it and if something happens, you can easily rectify the situation. On the other hand, some growers say that hydro grown plants do not taste as good compared to soil-grown because of the synthetic nutrients that are supplied instead of natural ones.

How to Start Growing Hydroponically?

Hydroponic boxes are readily available in the store markets today, ranging from start-up small sizes to bigger and larger-scale productions. You have to decide how many seeds you want to plant and then canvass the right box and the right strain of feminized cannabis seeds, most of them are available at the seed bank online or if you have a contact. You also have to pick a spot for your box, preferably somewhere with light, air circulation, good temperature and not a lot of attention inside your grow tent. More light and good temperature means faster growth. Good air circulation would mean an easier transpiration process for the plant. You also have to consider the nosy people that might suspect you.

Check your nutrients. There are a lot of available pre-formulated mixes that could suit your budget. Just remember that it should have an ample amount of N, P, K. The three most important nutrients in pot growing- Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. You can formulate this on your own with modular nutrients you can buy in a chemical store but I would suggest that you stick with the pre-mix if you’re a starter. Follow the instructions especially the recommended application.

The pH will also determine how fast the nutrients will be absorbed. Try to maintain the pH level at 6.5-8.5. You can use citric acid, sulfuric or phosphoric acid to adjust the pH.

It’s challenging to commit yourself to this craft. Hydroponics is an ingenious way to solve the scarcity of land and the yucky, muddy soil in your room. Just try to check your water from time to time and make sure that no floating insects are swimming around. Your plant is not the only one who wants the nutrients in it.

Good luck!