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Feminized plants are getting popular among growers nowadays. There are ways to naturally feminize marijuana plants such as Rodelization and artificial ones like silver thiosulfate and colloidal silver methods.

Feminized plants come from feminized seeds as the product of methods that induce gender change in female plants. This happens by putting the plants into stress which makes it release ethylene. Then ethylene production is suppressed which triggers it to develop a pollen sac. This will then contain pollen that has 100 percent female traits. Also this will result in 100 percent female seeds that grow into female plants.

So you may be asking yourself now, why go into the trouble of getting feminized seeds or growing feminized plants instead of the regular variety.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons you should Grow Feminized Plants

1. Ideal cultivation ratio

Cultivators know that to be most productive you must have more female plants in a cannabis greenhouse. A single male plant could pollinate dozens of female plants at any given time.

2. Cultivation efficiency

Female plants are the main producers when it comes to cannabis cultivation. From buds to the THC levels they are the alpha. Male plants are only needed to pollinate and one plant is enough for dozens of females at a time. Nowadays, with the new methods, male plants are not as needed anymore in marijuana cultivation. Females can now produce pollen.

3. Cultivation certainty

Work-related stress is one of the banes of any endeavor including marijuana cultivation. As it is impossible yet to tell whether a seed is male or female, feminized seeds simplify the process of ensuring an all-female crop. This ensures that by removing the guesswork in your cultivation.

4. Spared of Anxiety

By using feminized marijuana seeds, you get away with the anxiety of waiting for your seeds to mature, just to find out half of your crop is male.

Sex determination is impossible by just looking at the seeds. Usually, it reveals in the plant between the transition from vegetative to flowering stages. When pre-flowers form these tiny undergrowths develop into the reproductive organs of the plant. By using a magnifying glass, you’d see the male pre-flowers look like balls while the females form calyxes that are pear-shaped.

Knowing will help you identify the male plants so you can remove them immediately. But it is a lot better if you didn’t have to remove any of the plants at all knowing that they are all females.

5. Less wasted space

Your cultivation may have little space to begin with. You may have opted to have a smaller space because of budget constraints. Having male plants unknowingly, while they have not matured, will take up space that should have been set for females.

6. Less wasted capital

We have mentioned stress, time and space spent or even wasted by not knowing that your crops were male. This is a waste of capital. Imagine all the electricity spent daily on male plants, as well as water and air-conditioning. Imagine all that money that you spent on half your crop that you’re throwing away. That’s a lot of money you could have spent somewhere else.

7. Female buds have higher THC and CBD

Females produce buds that naturally contain more Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is only found in the female buds. This is the active ingredient that marijuana smokers actually look for in weed as this gives the good high they look for. This is now also used as an ingredient for some prescription drugs to relieve pain same with CBD which is already used as medicine.

Cannabidiol (CBD), another chemical found in the marijuana bud is an alternative medicine for the alleviation of symptoms of epilepsy and is the subject of clinical research as a cure for anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain.

8. Avoid accidental pollination

No matter how careful you are in inspecting your crop, a male plant or even a hermaphrodite may find its way in the midst of your crop accidentally pollinating the female plants. This will greatly reduce their production. Only the unfertilized flowers contain the most THC in a marijuana plant. Male and hermaphrodite plants do not produce buds.

When unchecked, a male pollen sac may burst fully and it will pollinate not one, but all of your female plants. When the bud becomes flowers after pollination, this flower becomes unusable for recreational use or medicinal purposes because it will produce seeds. Seeds are of no use except to use for your next batch of crops.

9. Better sales and service to mankind

Marijuana or cannabis is being sold for its recreational and medical use. Every day, people with seizures or chronic pain benefit the natural remedy found in the THC and CBD in the marijuana buds. More female plants in your crops mean more buds that would not only sell but would also be of good service to mankind.

10. Mother plants

When you find one specific plant that has the right traits that you like. You make sure that these characteristics get passed onto future plants. Mother plants are female plants that you clone and so it produces plants with the same characteristics it has. By having feminized plants, you have a chance to look for a plant that you like to do cross-breeding with to develop new strains with good female genetics.

Produce more plants: Not only do female plants produce the healing buds for recreation and medicinal use. But they also produce seeds of the generation of plants once pollinated. If you happen to have a cannabis strain that you really liked to grow and is very compatible with your cultivation facilities. These seeds will be very useful in the future.


All these ten reasons all play to your advantage as a marijuana cultivator. With interest in naturally increasing yield or profit by taking advantage of nature’s design of the marijuana plant’s gender and genetic traits.