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Autoflowers make it easy for anyone to cultivate marijuana at home. These strains have a compact size and a short growth cycle.

While auto cannabis plants are suitable for indoor gardens, certain strains thrive outdoors. To help you maximize the yield potential of your auto seeds, here is a guide on how to grow autoflowering weed outdoors.

Choose the Right Strain

The first step in cultivating auto marijuana plants outdoors is to find a good strain that thrives in the environment. These strains usually have better yields when they grow under the natural sun.

One good example is the Cheese Autoflowering strain. The buds emit a pungent and mouthwatering aroma that hits you with a sedative high. The plant can give you up to 135 grams per plant when you harvest it outdoors. Indoor cultivation of the strain will only get you up to 60 grams.

Build a Greenhouse

The greenhouse is one of the keys to how to grow Autoflowering weed outdoors and achieve better yield rates. This structure can maintain a warm temperature to your plants throughout the day. Autoflowers thrive in warm areas, which is why they are suitable for indoor gardens.


Another advantage of a greenhouse is protection against the elements. Heavy rain can be dangerous to your plants since it can waterlog its roots or flush away nearly all of the soil’s nutrients. There is also the danger of creatures that can directly harm your plants. The structure protects your auto strain from these dangers.

Take note that a greenhouse does not have to cost a fortune to build. You can use inexpensive materials such as wood and plastic to create the frame as well as panels for the structure. If you believe the size of a greenhouse might catch the wrong kind of attention, you can build a compact version that is suitable for auto plants.

If you do decide to create a greenhouse, you need to make sure it has good ventilation. This structure tends to create a very hot environment that is dangerous for your auto plants. Consider adding a sealable panel that you can easily close or open. If the interior of the greenhouse is still reaching high temperatures, consider installing a fan or exhaust to draw in some cool air into the inner space.

Use a Suitable Container

Placing your auto cannabis plants in a container is a better idea than directly planting them on the earth. The container allows you to move the plants when needed, such as temporarily hiding them indoors if the neighboring houses are expecting multiple guests.

You have plenty of containers to choose from for your cannabis plants. The most common of which are the traditional pots that are often made of ceramic. This type of container is great for keeping the soil moist for a long time, but they have a poor water drainage rate that you run the risk of drowning the roots of your plant.

Other options include an air pot, a plastic container with a series of holes on the side and bottom. This container allows any excess water to find its way out of the medium. It also provides the soil with a good air circulation that benefits the roots of your plant. However, air pots can quickly dry out the soil because of its poor water retention rate.

Mix Compost and Conditioner to Soil Medium

Since you are growing auto plants outdoors, potting soil is an appropriate medium for them. Potting soil provides your plants with adequate air circulation and water retention rate. You can boost the soil by using compost and conditioner to maximize the yield rates of your cannabis plant.


Compost consists of organic materials such as food waste that decomposes over time. Decomposed food will release various nutrients to the soil. This includes nitrogen, an important nutrient to any plant that helps in the development of its stalks and leaves. With compost in your soil, you do not have to worry about adding fertilizer to your plant during their vegetative phase.


Conditioners such as vermiculite and perlite are hard particles that enhance the aeration of the soil. This allows your roots to receive more oxygen and for the soil to drain excess water. Also, conditioners improve the pH value of the soil if you mix it with compost.

A good mix ratio would consist of 1 part potting soil, compost, and conditioner. Make sure to place the conditioner in a container of water first before mixing it with the soil.

Be wary of growing a seedling in this kind of soil. The number of nutrients from the compost can be dangerous for the plant that has yet to develop its roots. A safe way of utilizing the mixed medium to your seedling is to use more potting soil. The soil acts as a barrier to the young plant until it matures to the point that its roots can reach into the nutrient-rich medium.

This guide will help you gain the highest possible yield rate with your auto plants as they grow outdoors. These yields let you find an escape from everyday fatigue. As Kid Cudi puts it “Marijuana is the remedy against the struggle.”