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Feminization is the process of ensuring that the marijuana seeds are going to be female. The sex of the plant that develops the buds that naturally contain more THC than of the male plants.  Male marijuana plants by its nature will fertilize the female and could massively lower the yield by ending up with 70% male plant count. Considering that male plants have lesser THC content. Thus, also fertilizing the female plants unintentionally that will reduce their production of the THC containing-resin. Only unfertilized flowers yield the most THC in a marijuana plant. These are the tried & tested methods to feminize marijuana seeds which will surely increase your harvest if done correctly. Breaking methods on how to feminize seeds are presented to produce feminized seeds within 3-6 weeks.

The Silver Thiosulfate Method

Silver Thiosulfate Solution method or STS is one of the most common methods of feminizing marijuana seeds. The Silver Thiosulfate method starts by preparing a solution by combining two water solutions. one containing silver nitrate and the other containing sodium thiosulfate.

To Make a 0.02% Silver Nitrate Solution

You will need:

    • Add 0.1 G of silver nitrate in 0.5 of a liter distilled water.
    • Add 2.5 G Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous or 3.9 G of Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate to 0.5 of a liter of distilled water.


By mixing these two solutions, you will get a silver thiosulfate solution. Separately, these two chemicals could last up to 6 months but once mixed, the solution will only last for a month.

Silver thiosulfate could also be purchased as salt in granular form which could be dissolved in water. The solution must dilute into the distilled water properly, otherwise, it will burn the plants. If plants show any sign of burning, further dilution must be done. Keep the solution off your skin and always wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles.

Although not known for toxicity, Silver Thiosulfate is an irritant. Spray the solution of Silver Thiosulfate on the marijuana plant once every five days for thirty days. Saturate the area between the main stem and the branches that we call nodes. Do not spray the roots. Spray STS to the plant only after turning off the lights and run the lights in a 12-hour flowering cycle.


Silver Thiosulfate is very sensitive to light so be careful of light leaks after spraying the plants. Light leaks cause plants to have hermaphrodite traits or having male and female traits that would pass on to the next generation of marijuana plants. This solution will result in hormonal response to stress found in the marijuana plant which will trigger a gender change.

Additional Information:

Silver Thiosulfate stops the production of ethylene and male flower growth will become noticeable in about 2 weeks and will be ripe in another few weeks. Reversing a female plant with STS will produce stable feminized pollen. The leaves will droop for a day or more after spraying but will soon resume turgidity during the process. Spray only one plant from the bunch of the same strain and batch after isolating it from the rest. Allow the plant to dry during the gender change process.

If the pollen sacs become visible carefully return it to the same batch where it came from while making sure that it is set amidst the other female plants. Having it in their midst will pollinate the female plants around it.

The Colloidal Silver Method

The colloidal silver method also incorporates the spraying of the marijuana plant with a chemical solution. For this method, you will need a very small amount of colloidal silver or simply pure silver in distilled water. A colloidal silver solution is also available for sale online.

You may create your colloidal silver solution yourself

You will need:

  • 9-volt battery
  • a connector
  • 2 alligator clips
  • a silver coin or jewelry
  • a tub of distilled water


You need to connect 2 alligator clips to a 9-volt battery through a connector in each of its red and black wires. Connect the alligator clips to a silver coin or jewelry and let the silver touch the distilled water but not the alligator clips. This will cause the silver ions to float on the distilled water. As per advice, leave this for seven hours, no more no less, or there will be much less ion or too much particle buildup in your water. Some growers even claim that the colloidal silver solutions prepared this way are more potent than the commercial variety.

Once ready, apply this mixture by spray onto the female plants while they are flowering. Spray them every day, once or twice, which will take less than two weeks or up to 18 days, depending on the different varieties of plants and their growing conditions. The silver ion triggers the production of ethylene needed by the plant to produce female flowers just like the silver thiosulfate method.

This process will force the plants to form pollen sacs instead which we also see in male plants. This pollen contains female genetic material making it highly probable that the seed that plant produces will be female. Since female plants have zero male chromosomes, then the pollen in use is female.

Additional Information:

After all these, you may proceed to normally fertilize your plant. Once male sacs develop, it will take some time for it to open and produce yellowish pollen which will take 2-3 weeks. You may manually harvest the pollen from sacs that do not open naturally by breaking it open and collecting it for pollinating the female plants or for storage. It is important to note however not to consume any part of the plant that the spray with the colloidal silver solution got to.

The Rodelization Method

The third method, the Rodelization method involves the natural response of female plants when they are under stress. Female plants experience stress, by being unable to sustain life by pulling it off the roots and not having enough water or sunlight.

Rodelization is a natural process of feminizing marijuana seeds without the use of chemicals but could be quite risky if not getting entirely pollinated by the female plants. But despite the risk of some seeds not getting feminized, this method is preferred by organic growers who wish to naturally feminize their seed without chemicals.


The goal of Rodelization is to make the flowering plants remain in its flowering phase longer than the normal. In Rodelization, the plant is allowed to grow 10-14 days more, way past their harvest date. This stress will activate a biological reaction that will cause pollen sacs to develop in the female plant, even without any male fertilization trying to push its breed through. Because of this, the likelihood of producing female seed is higher. This reflex survival mechanism takes the plant into a mode of self-pollination.

The flowers hang to dry and from the drying lines, take them out carefully then remove the male bananas. Upon the emergence of male bananas or pollen sacs, you can harvest it naturally then pick which buds and colas you desire to glaze this pollen with. The male bananas may store well in a sealed bag and can remain potent in a refrigerator for two months.

Additional Information:

Rodelization requires another batch of younger and unpollinated female marijuana plants that are two and a half weeks into flowering. This batch will be pollinated by the male bananas you previously collected. You may pollinate your plants by simply turning the fans on to high mode for the pollen to fly around your greenhouse just like nature does.


To maximize yield using any feminization method, must make sure of the following:

    • Select the best female plant based on its stature and looks for this process to ensure top-quality genetics.
    • Make sure to isolate and transfer the plant once the sacs form, far from the flowering plants to avoid accidental pollination.
    • Be ready to pollinate any flowering female plant with the feminized pollen once these pollens are developed. You may tap the sacs using smooth surfaces such as aluminum foil, parchment paper or even an earbud to expedite the collection of pollen. You may use this pollen right away to pollinate your flowers or keep it in a container inside a freezer. 
    • Be careful in handling chemicals. 
    • Be aware of every factor that will affect your marijuana plants such as lighting, ventilation, unplanned pollination, and others to secure a good harvest. 
    • Great care is a must in choosing marijuana plants wisely. Female plants should be taken from a single cannabis strain that is almost mature. Avoid any plant that has hermaphrodite traits.