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The trend of growing marijuana seeds is at its peak. No wonder why many people all over the world are rummaging the Internet to look for the best methods on how to grow cannabis from scratch. And one of the hottest topics in the cannabis industry today is about how to feminize cannabis seeds. Regardless of whether you’re new to marijuana cultivation, growing feminized marijuana seeds is undoubtedly rewarding.

Understanding how to successfully feminize seeds is advantageous and it’s a huge plus for any aspiring cannabis growers. Learning how to feminize marijuana seeds ensures that you’ll always have a reserve batch of female seeds. No need for you to purchase your most favorite feminize seeds from time to time. Hence, this helps you save a lot of time and money.

For most growers, marijuana cultivation is primarily for high resin trichomes and flowers, as well as high levels of cannabinoids both THC and CBD. These valuable characteristics are onlyn dominant in female flowers of your cannabis plant. A garden that is rich and full of healthy unfertilized female sinsemilla means that you’ll be able to harvest loads and loads of tasty, aromatic, and healthy crust cannabis nuggets.

But one of the problems of cannabis cultivation is that they tend to produce 50% females and 50% male. This is just simply how nature works and for some people, this can be quite a bummer. The good news though you can employ feminized techniques that can help you produce exclusive female seeds. And although the feminized methods available today are only 99% guarantee, still, it’s a great number!

Why Should I Feminize Marijuana Seeds

Highly-experienced cannabis growers know that feminized cannabis seeds are efficient for both indoors and outdoor growing. Also, feminized marijuana plants are excellent when it comes to reducing guerilla crop pollinating. After enjoying the sight of your robust cannabis garden, you don’t want to find a rogue male or two pollinating every female plant in your garden.

In this article, we will provide you with useful information on how to ensure that you get to feminize your marijuana seeds successfully. By following these guidelines, you’re significantly increasing your chances of harvesting female plants while dramatically reducing the chance of growing male plants.

Ways to Feminize Marijuana Seeds

Colloidal Silver

You can either buy or make your own colloidal silver which is basically a distilled solution in with microscopic silver particles are suspended. This means that all particles does not settle out and we cannot remove them by just by regular filtering. Colloidal silver can be bought from a store and you can also make your own if you have the patience, dedication, and materials.

When it comes to choosing or creating colloidal silver. You have to make sure that its strength is at least 15ppm or 30 ppm which is more preferable. Lowering the value that is less than 15ppm produces male sacs. To start this technique, you want to choose a plant tha characteristics that you want to preserve.

Feminized clones

Expert growers suggest that you feminize clones since their growth, resin, and flowering characteristics of the mother plant are already known. Always double-check whether or not a particular plant is worthy of feminizing. Always check whether or not the plant is already well-rotted. Put the clone into a small container or jar and wait for a day or 2 to recover. You’ll then start the 12 Hr light cycle immediately.

Be sure as well that you get two clones, one top on the shelf for pollination while the other one on the right to be feminized. You’ll also have to make sure that you create a separate breeding space. Your marijuana plants grow male sex organs as late as four weeks into the flowering period. For cannabis clones, you have to spray one week before the light changeover. And if the chosen plant is grown from seed, then wait until the plant has sexed before you spray the colloidal silver.

Keep track of how and when you spray your plant with colloidal silver. You should spray them every day and thrice a well. You also have to make sure that you soak them and then leave them for two weeks. Most cannabis growers reported that they get results after spraying for only 5 to 20 days.

Harvesting Feminized Pollen

Once the pollen sacs of the plant are ready to harvest, you’ll notice that they will begin to swell like a balloon and starts to crack open. You mustn’t harvest early. Be very careful when spraying the bud sites – you don’t want to end up with empty pollen sacs!

Once the pollen sacs are ready, your leaf section which protects the pollen will start to crack. This is the best time for you to collect feminized pollen. Collect the pollen sacs directly and don’t forget to let them dry at least for a week. Take the feminized pollen that you’ve collected and use it to pollinate your most favorite female plant. And after 6 weeks from pollination, you’ll then start to notice that the calyxes on the buds of your female plant will swell fat.


Another popular way of feminizing marijuana seeds is through rhodelization – although many cannabis growers don’t recommend this technique. This happens when your plant is under stress or if we do not harvest the plant in the ideal time and the buds begin to die of old age. What the plant does is that it’s doing everything in its power and energy to survive and save the next generation. Plant becomes hermie, grow both male and female sex organs with the absence of any chemical induction.

Growing Feminized Marijuana Plants

You must treat your feminized seeds with great love and care. You have to be very observant and always aim for the best quality harvest. Do your homework before you do anything. Don’t forget to seek for tips or advice from the people you know who have tried cultivating and feminizing their cannabis seeds before. Enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing and let other people help you.