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There are several reasons why growers cultivate feminized cannabis seeds. For one, it is both resource and space-efficient in making sure that you also end up with female plants.

Creating Feminized Seeds

Cultivating cannabis means dealing with trichomes, resinous flowers, as well as rich cannabinoid profiles. These amazing characteristics are only available on female flowers. Gardens that are full of unpollinated, robust plants mean body and mind friendly, crusty nugs.

The only hindrance to this is that cannabis is naturally designed to produce around 50% male seeds. This is what reality offers unless you are planning to grow from clones. This is the reason why feminizing all plants, including the male ones is something worth trying.

Reality dictates, however, is that this process may not be successful every single time. However, with the high chances involved, it is worth an attempt for sure. The general idea behind the process of feminizing cannabis plants is that the inducing the female plants to produce pollen, thus resulting in the pollination of other female plants. The resulting seeds are also feminized, without any risk or further pollination.

Advantages of Feminizing Seeds

Feminized seeds are extremely efficient for both indoor and outdoor gardening. When traditional methods of fertilization follow in growing marijuana plants, there is less control over the actual gender of the marijuana plants. This is why there are a lot of growers who take extra steps in making sure that you will expect female marijuana plants when harvesting time comes. We do this by feminizing marijuana seeds.

In general, there is no single way in which you can identify the difference between male and female marijuana seeds right in the initial phases of planting. On top of that, you may also not be able to change the gender of the seeds. The idea behind feminizing marijuana seeds has something to do with maximizing the female seeds which will become a part of the crop.

Female marijuana plants identify to contain more THC. Male plants have a decrease in THC levels. For this reason, female plants are more advantageous over male plants. With feminizing cannabis seeds, there are some pollination techniques that any cannabis grower can use to expect quite a favourable output.

Do-It-Yourself Cannabis Feminization

If you are planning to do feminization of cannabis seeds yourself, certain methods is usable primarily, including colloidal silver, rodelization and silver thiosulfate solution. Any of these methods should turn out to be successful, especially when used the right way to produce female cannabis plants.

Colloidal Silver

When using this method, you need a small amount of pure silver and distilled water. Use a spray bottle, and apply the mixture to your plants while they are still flowering. Your flowers will start to form pollen sacs usually seen on males. The pollen consists of genetic materials that are female, allowing it to be highly probable that the seeds produced will be female. Aside from the combination of pure silver and distilled water, you also need a 9-volt battery, and a connector, soldering iron and alligator clips. Afterwards, you can connect the battery with its connector.

You can then move with soldering the alligator clips to the black and red wires, forming the best electrical current. Connect these to the silver that you have. Then, place the silver coins to the distilled water, while making sure that you do not allow the wires or clips to touch the water. Since the water is distilled, the silver ions will float in the water rather than connecting with other ions.

One disadvantage of this process is that it is quite pricey. However, if you have the resources for it, it is worth trying.


The rodelization method, on the other hand, involves the natural response of female plants when under stress. When they reach the point in their lives wherein they have not fertilize, they will start growing pollen sacs even without male fertilization.

The process of rodelization encourages this process to happen, thus increasing the odds of the cannabis seeds being female. Even though the process can be challenging, it is a simpler task comparing to the colloidal silver husband.

Silver Thiosulfate Solution

This solution is an inexpensive, safe and successful method of reversing the sex of cannabis plants. The response of the individual plants may also vary depending on the strain. The You can purchase this solution from reliable sellers, making it one of the most convenient options available.


One thing is clear. There is no way to change the gender of seeds. What can we do, however, is to attempt feminizing the seeds of your plants before harvest time. The concept behind feminizing marijuana seeds is to maximize the female seeds which will ultimately become a part of the marijuana crop. Several methods are currently available, allowing you to choose the best one that will meet your preferences.