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Learn how to feminize seeds with aspirin today. This is the complete guide on how to feminize marijuana seeds. At this moment, more and more states are looking into allowing the use of both medical and recreational cannabis. In states that allow recreational use, growing pot at home is also permitted. The federal government has set the limit of growing 4 plants in one household. If you are a new cultivator, one good method is using bulk feminized marijuana seeds to increase yield production.

With the help of technology, modern-day research, and as well as the internet, it has been a whole lot easier to cultivate cannabis at home. You can now easily look up ways to help you from seed germination up to yield production.

One interesting method that cultivators use is feminizing cannabis seeds using Aspirin. This may seem surprising for some, but some cultivators are ready to back this method up. If you’re interested in how to feminize marijuana seeds using Aspirin, then you have come to the right place.

Using Aspirin on Bulk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

If you are thinking that the of idea of using aspirin on how to feminize weed seeds is completely out of this world, it’s actually not. In making sure that the plant will give off buds, you can use Aspirin in bulk feminized marijuana seeds. Here are a few ways on how to do it for both female and male cannabis plants.

Aspirin for Male Cannabis Plant

  • Go for regular seeds as this will give you both female and male seeds. This method, using male seeds is very helpful in making feminized seeds.
  • Feed the male cannabis plant with aspirin, give it to them like how you would normally give nutrients. You can go with any Aspirin brand that you like but always go for the uncoated type.
  • After the flowering stage, feed the male cannabis plant with 1 crushed 80mg tablet every 3 weeks.
  • After aspirin treatment, the male hormones of the cannabis plant will drastically change. Once you see that both your male and female plants are ready for fertilization(pollen sacs are swollen for the male and female pistils are fat and large for the female) you can then start the mating process.
  • Get yourself a wet, brown paper bag and put it on the male branch. Tightly secure the opening of the bag by tying a rubber band in it.
  • Shake the bag for 15 minutes and take it to the female branch. Tighten the opening again and wait for the paper bag to dry.
  • Once it dries, shake the bag for another 30 minutes. Your female plant should fertilize then you should wait for a few days for the feminized seeds to ripen.

Aspirin for Female Cannabis Plants

  • Use 2 uncoated Aspirins per gallon of water. At the start of the flowering stage use this on 3 consecutive waterings of the female cannabis plant.
  • A few weeks after, expect to see the pollen sacs develop and you will see that it is full of feminized pollen.
  • One downside of this method is that you will have to prepare yourself. As during the time the pollen sacs are ready to open, it will also be harvest time, so you will have to be quick.
  • Advantages of Using Aspirin Water for your Cannabis Plants
  • This idea of using aspirin may seem to be a new concept to some but veteran cultivators already use this method. Think of your Cannabis plant like any other living creature on this planet. It needs certain types of nutrition to survive and to strengthen its immune system. This is exactly how Aspirin works. It gives them a better immune system that allows them to be healthier.

Gets rid of pests and diseases

  • Cultivators use 1.5 (about 81g) of uncoated Aspirin tablets in 2 gallons of water. Then add 2 tablespoons of Yucca extract to make sure that your aspirin water will stick to leaves. But if you don’t have Yucca extract at home, you can use a mild liquid soap as an alternative.
  • Schedule your Aspirin water treatment by spraying once every three weeks. After a few weeks, expect your plant to be huge and of luscious green colour. You also wouldn’t see any insects flying around the growing area. Certain diseases that cannabis plants normally acquire are also not present during this time.

Improves Seed Germination

  • You can spray the aspirin water directly on cannabis seeds sowed to the ground. The result of this is a 100% seed germination from the seedbed. It is proven that the salicylic acid which is the identifiable main component of Aspirin, helps cannabis plants release its natural defence against viruses, bacteria, and harmful fungi.
  • Aspirin water has made cannabis cultivation more sustainable. Regardless of the environment, you plant the seeds on. This gives cannabis seeds an extra layer of protection on their most vulnerable stage.

Reduces the need for synthetic pesticides

  • Aspirin water is known to help in the plant’s Systems Acquired Resistance effect (SAR). Using Aspirin water does not only help plants build a stronger immune system against diseases and pests. But, It is also beneficial for the cannabis plant to help fight off any inessential stress. As these may cause them to wilt or not reach maturity wherein you can harvest its buds.
  • Using Aspirin water on your cannabis plant can be beneficial for both you and your plant. You are giving the plant an extra defence against diseases and by so not using any harmful pesticides. Unfortunately, using Aspirin water has not completely undergone full scientific research.
  • Only experienced cultivators have used this method in growing their own marijuana plant. Most of them got the results they wanted, one of which is an easier method to feminize cannabis seeds.
  • But this Aspirin method is definitely worth a try if you are keen on growing your own marijuana garden. This has received a lot of positive feedback. Now, more and more cultivators are joining the bandwagon and we think you should too.