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About time right! Now all your hard work pays off. After a few weeks of seedling, putting fertilizers, singing to your pots and checking their leaves for infestations, you can finally take them to your room and smoke ‘em up! So how to dry marijuana buds and how do we actually do that? Use a magnifying glass to distinguish what you can pluck and those that may still take a while. When the resin or trichomes become white or amber in hue, and the small yellow hairs turn to red-orange, then it is time to cut and dry.

You have a window of 5-7 days to perform the harvest as this will give the best potency of your weeds. When you already see the amber colors in the plant, dampen it by watering the plant with no added nutrients. This will cleanse the plant of the leftover residues from the nutrients especially the insecticide applied.

How to Properly Cut the Cannabis Buds?

Before you start cutting your plant, very strong odor releases, so make sure the room has very good air circulation. Maintain the temperature to 70 F as the heat would not be necessary at this stage. Over 86 F and you’re already losing the potency of the plant. Start by cutting the branches off then put it in a plastic bag. You can already disregard the lower leaves as this would not be good for smoking.

How to Dry My Marijuana Buds?

After cutting the cannabis buds, put them in an container and set aside for a while. Check them daily to see if there are growing bacteria or fungus. If something unwanted grows, take it outside the room, spread it to dry or you can use the microwave to kill the germs. After that, put away the plastic bag of weeds into a dark place as light degrades THC. After 2 weeks then, take out the buds and leaves except for those with many resins. You can sandwich them in the newspaper and let it dry until it is brittle enough to snap with your fingers. If you can snap it already then it is ready for smoking!

Happy smoking!