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Everyone has an opportunity to buy their cannabis seeds online. Seed bank sites give you a large selection of strains at an affordable price compared to physical stores. You can also enjoy other perks such as having the seeds delivered to your home and participating in online promotions.

While buying marijuana seeds online is legal and convenient, it can lead to dangers such as criminals stealing your money. To help you avoid these risks, here are some tips on purchasing seeds online.

Use a Seed Bank Directory Site

The first step in buying seeds online is to find a legitimate seed bank. One means of finding them is to go through directory sites. Unlike looking up any online seller of seeds through a search engine site, directories can give you info on the seller. This includes the seeds and strains they offer.

Other useful features of directory sites are customer reviews or feedback on seed banks. This will help you find a trustworthy online seller that can offer you quality seeds.

Avoid Seed Bank links on Emails

Be wary of any email newsletter or ads for seed banks. While this may seem like a convenient means for you since you are looking for a place to buy cannabis seeds, this type of email can be risky.

Directory sites and even search engines can warn you of any suspicious sites. This can be either customer feedback or a system warning respectively. On the other hand, fraudulent emails can reach your main inbox that contains links to phishing websites.

While most emails may have a spam function that sends suspicious emails to a specific folder automatically, the system might not work immediately. People need to report the email or mark it spam before the system can determine that the sender is delivering questionable emails.

Look for Discreet Shipping

You want to make sure that the packaging will not indicate that you are cultivating marijuana plants at home. This is possible if the seed bank is offering discreet shipping. This service allows you to avoid uncomfortable glances from your neighbors. Discreet packages also prevent thieves from marking your house as a target.

Check for Age Verification and ID Requirement

Having to verify your age upon entering a seed bank or providing an ID before making a purchase may seem a hassle. However, both of these signs show that you are dealing with a legitimate site.

The law in most countries that legalized marijuana are lax when it comes to where you can buy your seed. However, nearly all of them are strict when it comes to minors buying any form of cannabis. This is why a majority of seed banks need to know that you are of legal age before you can buy your marijuana seeds.

Contact Customer Support

Checking with customer support is a good way to know if the site you are buying marijuana seed online is legal. The representative can put your mind at ease by acknowledging that you are not breaking the law when buying their seeds.

Calling customer support is also great at knowing if a seed bank is legitimate. You want to reach a representative who acts professionally and will answer your questions. If you get an automatic machine or no one answers your call, consider looking for another seed bank.

Check for the HTTPS Certificate

Make sure the seed bank you are visiting has the HTTPS at the address bar and not just HTTP. The S at the end shows that the connection encrypts all of the data that you enter. This prevents nearly any onlookers from reading any of your personal info.

Use Cryptocurrencies

If you are worried about your privacy or about using your credit card to buy marijuana seeds, another way to buy seeds is to use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The digital currency offers a private means of buying anything online. In addition, certain seed banks offer discounts for Bitcoin payment.

Provide only the necessary Info

Any online shop only asks you for your name, shipping address, payment info, and proof of legal age. Seed banks will hardly ask for other info such as your social security number or license number. If a site requires you to provide any other personal info apart from the four mentioned above, look for a different shop.

Confirm the Seed Bank’s Contact Info

If you want to double-check the legitimacy of a seed bank, look for their contact info page. Use the address on the page to confirm if it will give you the same name as the company or headquarters.

Do not hesitate to call the corporate number on the page as well. Much like customer service, you want someone to answer you with the same kind of courtesy that you can expect from a reputable recipient. Look for another seed bank if no one answers you or if someone tells you that you are calling the wrong numbers.

Do not Use Public Networks

Free Wi-Fi in a public space can be dangerous. Hackers tend to offer victims of a free connection to the internet. In exchange, they can look at any information you may use when buying seeds from a website.

Use your mobile network when buying from an online seed bank while away from home. If you need to use a public network, you can utilize a VPN service that can encrypt your connection. This will make it hard for hackers to look at the info you send to a seed bank.

These tips should help you buy seeds online and be safe from both the law and hackers. Any cannabis seeds will help you build your own marijuana stash. This stash can help you find relief from the real world. As Alex Jones said, “Prescription drugs are lethal while cannabis hardly killed anyone.”