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So are you wondering how long it takes to Germinate Autoflowering seeds? In the majority of the cases, the seeds should germinate in 1-4 days, although some older seeds can take up to 7 days to do so. There are 2 methods we can go with which are germinating using the famous wet paper towel method or by just going directly to the soil medium.

How to Germinate Autoflowering Seeds Guide

Before anything else, you must select the most viable seed among the batch to germinate. It is preferred to go with dark-colored ones that are fresh and strong. Otherwise, If you purchased your Autoflowering seeds online from a reputable seed bank, then I believe you do not need to worry as they usually send out only the highest quality Autoflowering Marijuana seeds.

After picking the best Autoflower seed you now have two choices: Planting them directly into the soil or to germinate them first on a wet or moist paper towel.

Here is a guide where I will show both strategies.

Firstly, you would need a pot or a container, clean water and some paper napkins or towels. With this Autoflowering Marijuana seed germination method. I decided to record and observe my smaller scale grows using a small container as a plant pot. The principles involved will be no different for any grow and the fundamental germination techniques remain as an equivalent! The seeds used were an autoflowering strain and the soil was only a basic garden soil with balanced  and optimal amounts N, P and K. I also used tap water for feeding.

Most importantly you will need to germinate your chosen Autoflowering seeds!

Here are 2 of the most popular methods practiced today!

1.) Wet Paper towel Method

  • Clean your container properly so that there are no residue or any different types of contamination inside it.
  • Get a tissue paper or paper towel and overlay it in a few layers so it can hold up more dampness. I then fold an overlap of 2 to 3 layers and fold lengthwise in half and positioned the seed down the middle and put it inside the container.

Wet the paper towel to the point that it is completely wet however on the off chance that you take it out of the crate the water won’t drop off it. Likewise, there ought not to be abundant water inside your container, since cannabis seeds do not like completely wet environments. You can moisten it by pouring water or by misting with hand sprayer from time to time.

Take the top off the plastic box and cut two gaps inside it with the goal that some dampness can escape. To germinate Autoflowering seeds is best at around 80 % humidity as 100 % will be excessively high as it likewise increases the risk of fungus or molds.

Gently take your choice cannabis seeds and put them inside the wet paper towel and overlay it on them. After the folding gently push that towel on the seeds so they come in full contact with it.

Put the top on the container and put it in a dark environment where the perfect temperature ought to be at 27 degrees Celsius.

Let those seeds germinate for a few days depending on the strain and nature of the seed. You need to check your dampness vault two times per day as it can quickly dry out and kill those seeds.

Following a day or two, you will see the seed shell opening and a little tap root coming out of it. Don’t let that root get too large as it can grow inside the paper towel and then moving it will hurt the seedling and can even kill it.

Plant your germinated seed!
Prepare your growing medium by saturating it with water and letting it drain off! Make an opening in the earth a few times deep as the width of the seed. The growing medium ought to be damp however not completely wet now. It is preferable to put this seed in organic soil.

Carefully take it by its seed shell and put it inside the growing medium. Be mindful so as not to harm the taproot. It is ideal to not contact it by any reason at all, simply take your Autoflower seed by its shell.

Gently push the growing medium around the seed and let it completely germinate monitoring the temperature and mugginess levels.

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2.) Germinating directly onto Soil

Make a little hole in a wet soil about an inch deep. Place the Autoflowering seeds into the hole. Preferably, you should not transplant them again, because Autoflowering seeds are prone to shock due to transplanting. Leave them to germinate on their own by ensuring to keep the soil moist but not too wet at all times.

Remember: Transplanting Autoflowering seeds is more tricky than photoperiod ones. Be that as it may, it is a long shot to recommend it is impossible to do so more than once effectively. You can replant an Autoflowering strain only if you are very cautious. On the off chance that you need to transplant your seedlings to a bigger container, ensure they end up in a similar growing medium or soil as it was germinated. Likewise, complete the transplant process before the sun sets or late afternoon when their growing medium is dry.