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Although, the link between marijuana and female reproductive system are not established. Several marijuana smokers report-getting pregnant or getting their partners pregnant. Is this a positive thing, then? While the ultimate output is not clear, it is often helpful to be aware of it.

Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system design is to perform several functions in our body. This includes the production of female egg cells a need for reproduction. It is also in charge of carrying these egg cells to the place for fertilization, the fallopian tubes. After they fertilize, they travel to the uterus, implanting itself on the walls. Thus starting the earlier phases of pregnancy.

This system also includes specific parts that are both inside and outside the body. The outer female reproductive system includes the genitals, which present a two-fold purpose. One, they allow the sperm to enter the body. And two, they also protect the internal organs from certain organisms that may infect.
Current Observations
Even before the actual intercourse happens, marijuana tends to decrease libido. If you are not really into it, there is a reason behind it. Since early drug use associates with other behaviors. Teenage girls, most especially, tend to get pregnant. Still, the effects that marijuana has on the female reproductive system and its fertility seem to increase in time.

This means that girls entering their twenties and become chronic smokers are more likely to delay in getting pregnant. It is also shown that even occasional marijuana users and those with experience have a reduction in fertility. Women who are marijuana smokers usually have an increase in the risk of infertility. Due to abnormal ovulation, even women who have lower levels of marijuana intake may not concieve within a year of trying to get pregnant.

Marijuana also increases the possibility of experiencing a miscarriage. Even, crossing the placenta, though the actual effects of exposure to marijuana in the womb are not as documented, it may be like the actual effects caused by alcohol, as well as other drugs.

The Impact of Using Cannabis

These days, using cannabis has become prevalent, even among women. But, discussion about this topic does not usually focus on how marijuana affects female reproduction on several scientific publishings. On cannabis use, including the production of hormones, female fertility, and menstrual cycle.

Studies on the connection between cannabis and the female reproductive system suggest that, there is a connection between marijuana use and disruptions on the menstrual cycle among women. Notes show that women who use marijuana have an elevated rate of menstrual cycles that lack ovulation. Women who experience this also face the risk of decreased fertility because of these abnormalities.

There is also a connection between occasional marijuana use, with a prolonged follicular stage of the menstrual cycle. This results in a delay in ovulation. So, chronic moderate to heavy cannabis use linking to a greater frequency of anovulatory cycles.

Marijuana and Menstruation

Because of the pain dealing abilities of cannabis, some women turn to cannabis to reduce some symptoms that connect to PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome). This includes relief from cramps, as well as other discomforts. Some sufferers of mood swings also use cannabis to deal with the rush of chaotic emotions too.

While there is not enough research about this, notes says that cannabis works in the receptors of the endocannabinoid system of the body. Several of these receptors are present in the uterus. Two primary chemical components found in cannabis, psychoactive THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and non- psychoactive CBD (Cannabidiol), including other cannabinoids present in marijuana bind to these receptors to induce pain-relieving and therapeutic effects.

These cannabinoid receptors found in the female reproductive system also causes scientists to believe that marijuana can help women who suffer from endometriosis. This is a disorder in which the endometrium, or the uterine lining, grows outside of the uterus, thus causing extremely painful menstruation.

These days, many marijuana products designs to assist in relieving menstrual pains. These products are available, if you are in a place where they consider the use of marijuana legal. If you want to see which one works for you, there is nothing wrong if you try it.


A lot of details have already discussed and published about cannabis and its overall health benefits. Among them include the way cannabis supports the actual immune system, digestive system, as well as our mental health. Knowing more about how marijuana affects the female reproductive system will allow you to make better decisions on its use.