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Marijuana cultivation will undergo 5 stages of development namely the germination stage, seeding, vegetative, pre-flowering and flowering stage. If you are no longer new to the industry, you know that good quality marijuana seeds, feminized or autoflowering is needed for your marijuana garden to flourish.

Using high-quality marijuana seeds already gives you a head start for growing pot. Not only does it assure you of yield but quality and a good harvest can be expected from it. That’s why for most marijuana cultivators, seeds will undergo a careful inspection before making it to the garden.

Now, I know the marijuana industry offers thousands and thousands of cannabis seeds that you can choose from, it even gives you different classifications of each. For this writing, allow us to help you decide by giving you an idea of what are autoflower and feminized seeds and how can you grow them in your own backyard.

Difference between Marijuana Seeds: Feminized or Autoflowering

Ever since the start of some states allowing homeowners to grow their own pot plants, marijuana seeds such as feminized and autoflowering has been very popular in the market. Both are widely in use because of the varying benefits they can get from them. We’ll give you a short description of each type and why you should use them for your pot garden

Autoflower Seeds

This has been very in demand in the marijuana industry for the last 10 years. Autoflower seeds came from the Ruderalis Lineage of Cannabis. They typically grow in colder regions such as Russia and China. Because they have managed to survive despite the extreme weather condition in those places, autoflowering plants have developed a defense mechanism that allows them to fight off mold, pests, and diseases related to coldness. Autoflowering plants have also learned to lessen their light dependency, making them the perfect fit for planting indoors or in places with less sunlight exposure.

As the name implies, autoflowering plants will automatically enter the flowering stage at about 3-4 weeks after planting. No need for the complicated process to make sure of satisfying all factors just like in traditional planting. This type of plant can also give cultivators a yield and harvest that can be done twice in one season.

Pros of Using Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

You can look forward to a speedy harvest and flowering stage
Due to the Ruderalis strain of this seed, the plants can easily enter the flowering stage and eventually harvest time. Cultivators from different parts of the world can use this seed especially if they are into discreet cultivation with fast harvest time.

Small and Compact

Autoflowering plants are shorter and smaller than other plants so you can easily plant them in enclosed spaces or your backyard with all your other plants. Different strains of the autoflowering seeds can easily blend with other plants and it will take a close encounter before someone realizes that a marijuana plant is being grown in your backyard.

Light Schedule does not matter

Veteran marijuana growers know how important it is for light schedules to change especially for regular seeds. As the plant enters a different stage, the light schedule also varies. With autoflowering plants, you can just sit back, relax and wait for your plant to enter the flowering stage and your harvest time. No need for one-on-one observation with your plant whenever it’s time for their daily dose of sunshine.

Cons of Using Autoflowering Seeds

Can’t reach massive yields? If you are a cultivator/investor looking for ways to grow the business by reaching a certain level of yield, then autoflowering plants may not be the cannabis plant for you. Due to the size limitations of the plant, it can only grow up to a certain level and give off a certain number of yields.

Lower THC content

If you are a fan of getting hard stoned by smoking weed, then autoflowering may fail to fit the bill for you. They are known to producing fewer THC levels in comparison to other strains and this is because of their Ruderalis genetics.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the seeds that produce female plants only. For the regular type of seeds, it is known that the percentage of having a male and female plant is 50-50. The method of making a feminized seed uses colloidal silver. The female plant is forced to produce a pollen sac, like that of a male plant, the pollens are collected and the second female plant is fertilized with it, the seeds that will be produced are the feminized seeds.

Pot cultivators who are very keen on producing female plants use this for a guaranteed female offspring. This cycle never stops as the whole process will only include female plants. Marijuana growers should be wary of rogue male plants and their pollens though, once they enter a growing area and fertilizes a female plant, the chances of getting a male plant will be high.

Pros of using Feminized Seeds

It’s efficient to use for Marijuana Growers

It saves the growers space by not having to allot a space for male plants. It saves time because you will no longer have to wait for the germination process to normally start (waiting for the pollen from the male plant to be airlifted to the female plant). Marijuana cultivators prefer to use feminized seeds since it lessens the guessing time the traditional planting will take.


You don’t have to use male plants and you certainly don’t need to discard them. By using feminized plants, no plant is ever going to waste. You can also use the same female plants for the next generation of feminizing seeds.

Cons of Using Feminized Seeds

May need more attention

Once you have planted the feminized seeds, you may need to give them an extra eye once they enter the flowering stage and they can be fertilized. Pollens can be easily transferred from one plant to another with just the help of the wind and ventilation.

If you have male cannabis plants lurking around in the garden, a good suggestion is to keep them away from your feminized plant. If you have successfully feminized your marijuana plants, what you would want to do is to make sure they stay that way.

Can I use both for Outdoor Growing?

If your specific question is, Can I use both autoflowering and feminized seeds for my outdoor garden at the same time? The answer to this is yes. But just like any other crops planted in one seedbed, there are certain factors to ensure that both plants have a harmonious relationship.

You need to make sure that they have a safe distance from each other. If you are planning to plant several strains from autoflowering and feminized seed lines, what we can advise you is to make sure that the same types are grouped together. This way, it will not be confusing how to take care of them.

Light Schedules

Remember that for autoflowering plants, the light schedule does not need to change however for feminized seeds photoperiod will still need to be followed. Ensure that your feminized plants are placed in an area that will not allow them to thrive to get enough sunlight or the autoflowering plants blocking it for them. When this happens, expect that the plant might not give good quality yield, or worse will not even reach maturity.


Also, for autoflowering plants, space will never be an issue since they are short and small. They will only reach a certain height level and stay that way. While for feminized plants, they will need a larger space to grow their branches. By giving them enough space to stretch their branches out, gives them a chance to produce high-quality buds that will benefit the cultivator.

Some marijuana strains give off a strong aroma so it’s best to determine how well you deal with this kind of plant. If the plant gives off a very strong and loud aroma, best to have it planted away from other plants. The aroma of the plant might easily attach to the other plant and may affect the taste of the weed.

It will also help if you determine beforehand if a specific seed wants a certain type of soil and nutrients. By doing your research, you know if 2-3 types of seed can be planted on the same seedbed. This will help save up on your expenses by not having to buy different types of soil and nutrients for the seeds.

Additional Notes

A good point of view to look at why marijuana cultivators would want to combine both autoflower and feminized seeds for outdoor growing is for the number of yields. Different strains with unique aromas, taste and a stable and sustainable marijuana production.

At the end of the day, it will all boil down to the personal preference of the cultivator on what type of seeds he/she wants to plant in his garden. He just needs to keep in mind that the marijuana industry will never run out of supply.