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Growing your own Marijuana plants are the best way to get yourself a consistent supply of weed. While this may seem too complicated, there are a few ways on how you can grow feminized marijuana seeds in Canada. You can plant them both indoors and outdoors. The cannabis market has a wide selection of marijuana seeds that are available in the country. Each of the variety will has a different results or products. If you are new to growing feminized cannabis seeds, then here are some tips to get you started correctly.

How to grow Marijuana seeds?

Prepare for cultivating cannabis just like how you do it for other types of plants. You should use good soil which comes with more nutrients to aid the small seedlings while they grow. It’s necessary to follow the directions for specific seeds that you prefer to grow. Likewise, you must give your plants the best temperature and light for optimum growth and to encourage proper germination.

You will need to give them an efficient grow light to supply the right amount of lighting your cannabis plants need for their survival. Aside from that, you will need to water them regularly. You should know as well when they need water and when they don’t.

Likewise, you must find out how to water every strain of cannabis. A few cannabis seeds need soaking or dampening them with a paper towel for a specific span of time before you can plant them. This growing technique will aid them to generate.

Which variety of marijuana should I grow?

Feminized seeds can have indica, sativa, or both. Some are sativa-dominant while others are indica-dominant with the autoflowering trait. You really have more and more choices to choose from. Thus, you should aim for the strain that will match your needs and purpose for using cannabis. Choose a strain that fits your needs to get the best value for your money.

Once your preferred seeds are ready, you can start preparing the space where you want the plants to grow. Make sure the location you choose has the suitable light and temperature conditions which are somewhat conducive to cultivating cannabis plants. You can make the process easier for the plants by using peat pods that contain a perfect soil mix for the seedlings.

Different Kinds of Cannabis Seeds

If you are new to cultivating marijuana seeds, look for those cannabis seeds that are easy to grow. Some of these strains that are 100% easy to cultivate are hybrid, sativa, and indica varieties. These varieties of strains are available in different forms, such as regular, autoflowering, and feminized. Whatever you choose, you can obtain the greatest results with minimal effort if the strains you prefer are ideal for beginners.

Cannabis plants are not so difficult to grow. In fact, many of them can grow even if you know a little about cultivating marijuana. However, you need to be more attentive in taking care of them. You must provide your plants with enough care to help them grow successfully.

Why Feminized Seeds?

Most cannabis seeds are feminized, which are ideal for those cannabis growers who dream to have a consistently decent harvest. Hence, finding a good strain should not be a problem.

Feminized seeds are suitable for medicinal and recreational purposes. Many of them offer extremely good effects that can be purely sativa or indica or a mix of both. Some strains offer indica-dominant effects while others provide the common sativa effects.

When you say “feminized” it talks about a specific type of cannabis seeds with no male chromosomes. If your seeds are 100% feminized, this will mean your growing space will stay free from the dangerous male plants.

Should I consider growing regular seeds?

If you go for regular seeds, things may not be easy for a novice grower like you. One reason is regular seeds can be male or female. Male plants are often unwanted as they don’t produce buds. Instead, they interfere with the females to produce seeds. Therefore, there should be no male cannabis plants in your growing space, unless you want to breed your plants to create new strains someday.

It takes weeks to see the gender of your marijuana plants. Watch out for the pollen sacs. Remove the male plants in your growing space as soon as possible. Removing all of them quickly is necessary to prevent them from fertilizing the female plants. It doesn’t mean male cannabis plants are entirely useless. It’s just that they reduce your chances to have a good harvest.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of feminized cannabis seeds is the assurance about the gender of your future plants. There’s no chance for fertilization involving males to occur, which makes feminized seeds more popular to experienced cannabis seeds.

Breeders grow feminized seeds to produce 100% female plants. Wikipedia says they use different techniques like cloning and shocking in doing so. These cannabis plants are more desirable because they create usable cannabis.

However, breeding feminized seeds on your own is impossible. This is where male seeds matter a lot. By using their pollen, you can easily fertilize the female plants to produce seeds that you can use for your next crop.

Where Do Feminized Cannabis Seeds Come From?

Breeders produce feminized seeds by encouraging female plants to be hermaphrodites. Breeders try to achieve it through different methods:

  • Through Rodelization
  • By spraying your plants with a colloidal silver solution
  • By spraying gibberellic acid

Feminized cannabis seeds produce plants that are almost identical to these self-pollinating female parent plants. Breeders call it cloning by seed, which will never produce male plants. However, many feminized seed producers don’t go over the lengthy and somewhat expensive process of recognizing a 100% stable parent plant for cannabis seed production.

Feminized seeds can also have the autoflowering trait. Cannabis plants with an autoflowering trait should flower automatically at different times throughout the year. Therefore, you will enjoy a decent regular harvest.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds

Your success in cultivating personal cannabis plants will depend on the kind of seeds you want to grow. Choose seeds of any strain that is ideal for novice growers. In the meantime, look for those strains recommended to new growers and choose the strain that fits your needs.

If you don’t know where to start, ask help from another cannabis grower (if you know one) or look for a reliable seed company. In a seed company, you can ask for some of the easy-to-grow seeds. The company may even give you some tips and pieces of advice on how to grow it.

A seed company typically offers its new customers with sampler packs which contain a few seeds of different cannabis strains. These sampler packs always contain the best of the best-feminized seeds suitable for novice growers.

These sampler packs may include popular strains like White Widow and Blueberry. Different strains produce a unique result when tried. Thus, if you choose a specific result, you must read the descriptions before picking the seeds.

You have several options to choose from when it comes to a cannabis seed company. A reputable seed bank carefully produces and stores the seeds to ensure successful germination. Also, the company sends the ordered seeds in a discreet and unmarked package to any Canadian state or city.

Buying Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online

Marijuana seeds are available in several online seed banks in different countries. According to Leafly.com, seed banks exist in countries like the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and Canada. However, keep in mind that some seed companies out there may have a bad reputation. Thus, you should be more careful and wiser when picking a seed company. Why not choose from one of the popular Canadian seed companies for your peace of mind?

Tips for Checking the Quality of Your Marijuana Seeds

Many factors can help you determine whether your marijuana seeds are of the best quality or not. First, you should let your seedlings grow and fully mature before you harvest. Second, you must store them in a dark and clean room that is safe from mold, pests, and other harmful pathogens that may cause the seeds to spoil. Your preferred growing space must be cool and dark. Then, use them within the next sixteen months or keep them refrigerated for future uses.

Genetics is the most crucial factor to consider when determining the quality of your cannabis seeds. To have good cannabis seeds, good genetics will be necessary. When buying Canada, don’t forget to check first the parents of your chosen strain. As much as possible, pick a strain which is an offspring of two admired parent strains like Northern Lights and Blue Dream.

Some less reliable breeders will just cross a female plant with any male and sell the produced seeds. Others put more time to cross and backcross two plants for stabilizing the wanted results while producing a variety of phenotypes.

When buying feminized seeds, be sure your preferred seed company deals with reputable breeders. These dedicated people have spent years to almost a decade to create up to 3rd generations of the resulting seeds to ensure that the wanted traits will be completely stable.