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We have to admit that growing marijuana for beginners will not be easy especially to those for feminized seeds. They require certain growing conditions in order to have quality yields and these differ from one strain to another. Aside from that, there are the lighting cycles which can trigger the flowering phase. Plan all of these out beforehand for you to lessen the chances of making mistakes which can really cost you your harvest. Keep in mind that the yield is very dependent on the amount of stress the plant undergoes while you are growing it.

What Makes Growing Marijuana Seeds For Beginners So Easy?

When you choose to grow feminized seeds, you already ensure that you are going to have a high female count ratio which is a good thing. Most growers who prefer to use regular seeds are often faced with the problem of having too many male plants. Female plants are always better in terms of yield. They can produce more and the quality of the yield is often better when compared to males. The stress the plant received during the growing phase is a great factor in the gender that it will exhibit. That is why it is best to grow feminized cannabis seeds if you are a beginner. It will give you a little room for simple mistakes without affecting the gender of your seedlings.

Is the Yield Worth It?

First off, you need to know that growing feminized pot seeds will always have lesser yield when compared to regular seeds. This is because of the high female ratio within your growing environment thus producing hermaphroditic plants. When you allow these plants to produce pollen heavily due to the high female count, then they will use the energy intended for bud and flower making to seed making. This is why the yield of growing feminized seeds are lesser.

Being new to growing feminized marijuana seeds, there’s a lot of things that you need to know. There are several choices that you need to decide on like; indoors or outdoors, soil or hydro and which strains you are going to start off first. Just make sure to make a pretty solid decision in order to avoid being inconsistent in the middle of the growing process. Doing so can increase the stress your plant receives and lessen the quality of your yield. Make sure that you have all the facts at hand in order to make a knowledgeable decision.