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Growing your own cannabis plant is a fun activity that will make you creative, patient and resourceful. Growing a cannabis plant is a step by step process that you need to undergo to have a successful harvest. You do not need to be a master in the garden to create your own successful yield. Each cannabis seed type is unique based on its characteristics that is why not all cannabis seed type has the same level of growth that is why during the growing process, it is important that you closely monitor your plant’s growth stages to know its need.

Steps in Growing Your Cannabis Plant On Your Own

Step 1: Choose whether you would grow indoors or outdoors

There are different strains that are suited for indoor or outdoor growing and this should be one of the factors to consider in considering where to grow your plant. Another thing to consider is the overall weather condition in your place, if you have a harsh weather condition, it would be good to grow indoors so that you will have control of your plant. If your location has good weather and that you would like to be more practical, you can grow outdoors.

Step 2: Choose your cannabis seed

If it is your first time growing cannabis, you may get your seeds from a cannabis dispensary so that they could guide you on what to buy depending on your preferences. The strain type that you should use must go hand in hand with your preferred grow location.

Step 3: Prepare the equipment

Your equipment would depend on your growing location. If you will grow weed outdoors, you don’t need to worry about your set-up because most of it is free such as the lighting and air. However, indoor growing would require you to have lighting equipment and ventilation system so be sure to position it in the right place so that your cannabis plant will maximize the use of this equipment.

Step 4: Germination of seeds

There are different germination methods that you can do to ensure that the seeds that you have are healthy. The germination process is the first step that is important to do so that your seedling will not be shocked when you place it in direct soil. Your basis to know if your cannabis seeds have germinated successfully if it has sprouted.

Step 5: Vegetative Stage

If you notice that your plants show its first set of leaves, that is an indication that it already enters the vegetative stage. In this stage, you need to ensure that different growth factors such as the light, temperature and the nutrients are properly given to the plant so that it will grow quickly. In this stage, your main focus is to ensure that your plant gets big and strong so be sure to feed it with the right ratio of nutrients and water it properly.

Step 6: Flowering Stage

This stage is where your cannabis plant starts making buds. It is the stage where you can now lessen the light hours into 12 hours to let your cannabis plant grow further so that you would know if your cannabis plant is a male or a female. This is also the stage where the potency of the cannabis plant is developed so it is important to ensure that all factors are at the optimum level so that the plant will mature healthily.

Step 7: Harvesting and Curing

There is an expected due date for each strain type. If you notice that your cannabis plant is no longer growing new trichomes or hairs then it is an indication that your buds have matured and are ready for harvest. There are still procedures to follow to harvest and cure the buds properly because it would still enhance the bud’s potency. Proper harvesting and curing process will also let your cannabis product to stay longer.

Factors To Have A Good Yield

Seed Type

Deciding what kind of strain you will be growing is the first step if you have decided to grow on your own. It is good to know the different types of seed strains because each has its own properties and characteristics when grown. In choosing a seed strain type, you must choose a seed type that suits your lifestyle so that you can utilize the use of your future yield.


In watering the cannabis plant, you need to find a reliable source of water, that has the right pH level. There are water supplies wherein it has particulates or dissolved materials that may affect your cannabis plant so it is important to test the water before using it.

Air Quality

Ensuring that there is sufficient airflow in your grow area is important to have a good circulating system to regulate the temperature. If there is a good quality of airflow then it is easier to maintain the humidity level that is important in all growing aspects. If you are growing indoors, there must be sufficient air that is circulating in the grow room to somehow neutralize the smell of cannabis.


Cannabis plants need certain nutrients for them to grow healthily. You need to ensure that your cannabis plant gets the right ratio of nutrients from day 1. If you do not have any idea about giving your cannabis plant nutrients with the right ratio, you can purchase pre-formulated nutrients in the market just to be accurate.


Good sanitation is important in your grow area as well as the equipment that you use in maintaining it to avoid any contamination from one plant to another. You should practice cleanliness in your grow area to avoid plant different plant diseases or pest infestations.

Tips in Growing Cannabis From Seeds

Get the right timing

If you are located in a place where there are months that the weather is unfavorable, start germinating and plant seeds if the weather condition is favorable for plants to thrive. If you will grow indoors you would no longer need to rely on the weather conditions because you can plant all year round.

Find the right container

If you would use soil as your growing medium, it is important to use the right pot. Since you are starting from seed, you should know the characteristics of the cannabis plant, if it grows tall, stout or wide. To be prepared o whatever the size of the cannabis plant will be, it is advisable to use large pots so that you will no longer need to transplant it in the future. Before planting your seed, make sure the pot that you will be using is clean and sterilized especially if you would do recycling.

The choice of soil

Since you are using seedlings, it is advisable to use soil that’s made for growing seedlings or soil that is new or hasn’t been used. Seedlings are susceptible to different plant diseases so if you would use the soil from your previous plant, it may carry different pest or plant diseases that may greatly affect the growth of the seeds. You can also use available soil in the market with fertilizer that is already enriched with nutrients.

Monitor your plant

It is important to monitor your cannabis plant almost every day so if you see problems in your plant such as pests infestations you can easily cure it right away. You also need to ensure that your cannabis plant gets the right nutrients and moisture through every day.

Characteristics of A Good Seed For Beginners

Pest, mold and plant diseases resistance

These are the factors that greatly affect the growth of cannabis whether indoor or outdoor set-up. Strains that can withstand these destroying factors have higher chances to grow healthily which is a high yielding crop.


For new cannabis users, it is advisable to choose a level of THC. It is best to start low for you to know the optimum high your body can tolerate. You can increase gradually as you consume cannabis.

Easy to grow

Choosing a cannabis seed that is easy to grow not only saves time and effort but it also allows you to plant and harvest many batches in one season. Strain types that are easy to grow are specialized strains such as autoflowering and quick flowering periods that are usually feminized seeds.

High Yield

Whether for business or personal use, choosing a cannabis seed that is high yielding is impressive. It is where your hard work and efforts paid off. If you are to use cannabis for business, then this should be the number one characteristics of cannabis that you should look for.

Final Thoughts

Growing cannabis seems to be an easy task but it entails great responsibility. Purchasing cannabis seed is expensive that is why it is important to make the most out of it so that you will be rewarded in your future yield. You do not have to seek a professional grower just to have a successful grow, you’ll just need to have the initiative to learn and be patient to apply the learnings that you will have regarding the life of a cannabis plant.