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Growing Autoflowers under cfl lamps is the most commonly used indoor lighting equipment. Many cannabis cultivators use CFL grow lights in their indoor growing area. This type of lighting equipment is affordable and can provide the right light for almost all types of cannabis plants.

Are CFLs lamps applicable for autoflowering plants or are there better options out there? Let us take a close look at growing autoflowers with CFLs and see its effects compared to other grow lights.

What is CFL?

Compact fluorescent light (CFL) is basically a compact version of the usual fluorescent lights that we see. This produces light by running an electric current through a medium that contains argon and mercury. The reaction produces an invisible Ultraviolet light that reacts with the phosphor in the lamp. This then allows it to emit the visible light.

What are the advantages of CFL

Growing autoflowers with cfl is superior when it comes to price and availability and this is what makes it great for cultivators. This costs less than any other lights used in growing cannabis. This is so available that it is readily found in any grocery, hardware stores or even most convenience stores. The reason why they are suitable for beginners or anyone planning to cultivate autoflowering plants is because of its economic advantage towards those limited with strict budgets.

Aside from being cheaper to purchase, CFL bulbs require less power to operate. This results in lower electricity bills in comparison to other available lights used for growing.

Another advantage of autoflower cfl grow lamps is it produces less heat while this is being used. Other grow lights emit way more heat that they require a cooling apparatus to prevent the plants from getting burned. In saying this, it makes them a lot more expensive due to the required additional cooling and ventilation systems installed in the grow room.

In total, this type of lighting will not require a vent system to keep the grow room from getting too hot. This does not only make it affordable but also convenient and versatile. You can also use this in small areas like tents or cabinets even.

These advantages of the cfl autoflower grow lamps allows the grower to cultivate in a more discreet manner. Plus, with the small size of Autoflowering plants, it will let you set up in a box or a small cabinet anywhere in your house or outdoors.

Disadvantages of CFL

Despite the advantages of the CFL lamps, many professional cannabis growers still go for the high-end grow lamps for their set up even though it costs more. They believe that the CFL lamps emit less sufficient lighting for their needs.

The CFL lights can only provide an ample amount of light for three plants.at most. Adjusting the bulbs higher to provide light to a wider area is not a good idea. The farther they are the less amount of light can be received by the plants. Growers that have a wide indoor set up will need to use a lot of CFL’s just to provide the light that it requires.

Utilizing CFL on Autoflower Plants

It is still feasible growing Autoflowering plants using CFLs despite the inefficient lighting this provides. Their compact size allows them to take the light emission of CFL lamps within a small space.

To make full use of the CFL lamps, surround the space with reflective surfaces to bounce the light around. A sample would be mylar insulation or some aluminum foil. Also installing a hood on the lamp with reflective material will also disseminate the late better in a wider cone.

Because we are growing autoflowering plants, we do not need to have timers installed. Unlike regular cannabis plants, these plants do not need any light schedules or photo exposure to flowers. Autoflowering plants engage in this stage based on age and not the light schedule they are exposed to.

But, otherwise, timers can help extend the lifespan of your CFL lights. It is suggested to prevent CFL lights from running 16 hours or more consecutively. Several CFL lights tend to overheat when they are running for 17 hours or more. The extreme temperatures can significantly lessen the life of CFL lights. Timers can assist and make sure that the lamps turn off before getting too hot.

We must note that CFL still produces heat. This also applies to color emitting bulbs that have a light temperature of 6000K or more. To avoid any heat damage on autoflower plants, make sure to have at least a three feet space between the plants and the lamp.

Alternatives to CFL

If you are planning to have several autoflower plants and opt for better lighting. The HID or MH lights are great options. These lights produce a bluish glow that improves the production of buds on cannabis plants. The downside is the heat they produce. If you go with this lighting you must also install a ventilation system to ensure cool air flows and draws too much heat away from your plants.

Another excellent option is going with LED lights. The light this produces has an effect that pierces through that can ensure that almost all parts of the plants are getting exposure. Aside from this being expensive, this can also produce a high amount of heat and will require a good ventilation system to counter the heat generated.


CFL lamps are the best option for beginners who are planning to go with a few plants and are still practicing. This can be used with no need for too much investment. They are also cost-efficient and versatile.

Using CFL om autoflowering plants, this can allow you to produce your own stash may it be for recreation or medicinal purposes. Marijuana is always a lot better than alcohol or tobacco to take the edge off.