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Autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds are a quite new phenomenon. These are strains that originated from the hemp strain known as cannabis ruderalis that originated in Russia. According to Wikipedia.org, ruderalis is also a native to Eastern and Central Europe.

These cannabis seeds are different from the regular and photoperiod strains that do not begin flowering. Instead, they do only when they get some signals coming from the sun, telling them that winter is just around the corner. Due to that, growing auto feminized seeds requires no specific autoflower light schedule. For example, it’s normal to move from 16 to 18 light cycles to induce flowering.

Cannabis ruderalis plants do not require a signal. Instead, their flowering process begins in four weeks no matter what the sun or light schedule is used for them. Autoflower light cycle is not a factor to start the flowering but it definitely has the effect on the result of your yield. Some growers provide the correct type of autoflower lighting depending on the stage of the growth. Also, light can cause unwanted stress to the plants physically if there are inconsistencies. One example is autoflowers and light leaks are a common undetected mistake that beginners commit. Autoflowers flowers in a matter of just a few weeks and those delicious buds are available for harvest. Check out our Growing Autoflowering Feminized Seeds Grow guide!

Who Should Grow Auto Feminized Seeds?

Autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds are good for novice growers for some reason. First-time users still have weak tolerance to THC. However, a breeder must realize that these plants’ autoflowering ability along with their brief growing period can be very useful for home growers.

Second, they don’t take much time in growing and flowering. This reality makes autoflowering feminized seeds an excellent choice for impatient growers out there. Rest assured your buds are ready for harvesting in just 7 to 8 weeks or up to 9 weeks. The flowering period of these cannabis plants will depend a lot on their genetics. Some auto strains even take 6 weeks to grow and flower. No doubt, these plants will let you get a return on your investment in no time.

Some growers have been crossing ruderalis plants with regular cannabis strains to increase potency while keeping their autoflowering ability. These days, cannabis growers across the world are looking for autoflowering feminized seeds for some reasons:

  • They are easier and smaller to grow clandestinely.
  • They grow faster and offer exceptional yields considering their size. Likewise, they are resistant to pests and diseases compared to other marijuana strains.
  • They are available for harvest in 10 weeks, regardless of the light schedule because of their genetics.

With autoflowering seeds, cannabis growers now have a special opportunity to cultivate weed quickly. Therefore, if you are interested in growing autoflowering feminized marijuana, you should learn how to take care of them the right way.

Tips on How to Cultivate Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Even when growing auto feminized seeds, it’s important to make sure that the plants have ample support during the process. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are more convenient. However, they will offer less room for mistakes compared to typical cannabis seeds.

Ideally, start growing autoflowering strains indoors with artificial grow lights that are easy to control. This method will reduce the chances of mistakes and increase the likelihood of a strong beginning.

Handling Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Proper germination is important to the normal development of autoflowering plants. You can pursue growing feminized seeds by using soil or you can try using a container without any growing medium. The paper towel method is perhaps the simplest way of germinating autoflowering seeds.

All you need is to take your cannabis seeds and put them in a wet paper towel placed on a clean plate. You should cover them using another plate to make sure the moisture will remain locked in. In many cases, the seeds must sprout in one to four days, though older seeds can take up a week.

Make a 1-inch deep tiny hole in a wet growing medium. Transport the grown seed root down the hole. Avoid touching the root with your hand. Ideally, you should never transplant autoflowering seeds once again because they are prone to resettling shock.

Avoid Cutting Auto Plants Early

Experts do not suggest taking cuttings throughout the early developmental phases of auto weed. While these plants will autoflower at a specified time, the age of the pruning will be the same with the age of parent plants. In short, the cuttings and parent plants will flower altogether. Thus, when you grow cuttings of the autoflowering plant, the ultimate version will be smaller compared to the parent strains once they enter the flowering phase.

Training Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis

It is important to finish the entire process throughout the vegetative phase. Fast action is necessary because the vegetative stage in autoflowering feminized marijuana strains lasts for up to two weeks only. You can use the LST or low-stress training method to help auto cannabis plants grow upward. Once they start flowering, trim them within seven days in the flowering phase and never top them.

You cannot trim autoflowering plants in a similar way with traditional marijuana plants. Pruning them must begin early within their life cycle or else it will stop them from growing.

Lighting and Climate Considerations

The fact that you are allowing them to flower when they must be within the vegetative phase means these plants can autoflower late or earlier. Even auto feminized plants need warmth to thrive. Likewise, leaving them exposed to excess moisture may lead them to rot. For this reason, experts suggest growing auto feminized seeds indoors. Your indoor growing space should have a temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 percent humidity.

Feel free to decide when it comes to light schedules. For instance, you can try leaving the lights on for 24 hours for faster growth. If not, you may try the 18-hour light schedule in which the remaining six hours will be the dark period.

Experienced cannabis growers choose the 21-light cycle and 3-hour darkness using a 120-watt LED light in the first few weeks. Keep the light off from 70 to 80 centimeters apart from your cannabis plants. Lastly, switch to a larger LED light and follow the 18-hour light schedule.

Feeding Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Since auto cannabis plants are small plants that grow within a short period of time, you don’t need to be too serious in feeding them. As much as possible, avoid adding any nutrient in the first two to three weeks. When your plants are in the pre-flowering phase, feel free to add supplements to help them reach their full potential. When they enter the flowering stage, increase a but the nutrient that encourages bud production while reducing the one for growth.

Always keep in mind that a short vegetative period means you must be wiser when using the nitrogen. In general, light feeding will be the best choice for autoflowering feminized seeds. Likewise, you should avoid switching to the bud-producing nutrients until you see your plants are no longer growing vertically.

The Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Growing auto cannabis plants comes with a multitude of benefits. The following are the potential benefits you can enjoy by cultivating these marijuana plants:

Uncomplicated Setup

If you cultivate cannabis in the traditional manner, you will typically need a specific growing space and a separate space for the flowering plants. With autoflowering feminized plants, you don’t need to provide them with two separate rooms for growing and flowering. If there’s much space in the room, use that for cultivating more seeds to have a more stable harvest every month.

When you choose to grow your plants in a typical way, you need to make sure the growing space comes with light-proof sealing. It’s a disaster when it gets breached. On the contrary, a light leak doesn’t have a discernible effect on your plant’s flowering stage.

Better Variety

The quicker growing period means that you will be getting a better range of autoflowering varieties. Imagine having a chance to cultivate 3 various strains in just one season.

Multiple harvests are useful when you find the growing process fun and interesting. At the same time, you can take this opportunity to grow as many cannabis forms as possible.


Autoflowering cannabis strains have ruderalis genetics. Therefore, they are harder compared to other cannabis plants. Keep in mind that the ruderalis genetics grew within the harsh Russian climate conditions.
If there’s no power outage, ordinary marijuana plants will have their growth and flowering stages interrupted that can cause a mess with their development cycle. This problem is not something you will encounter once you choose to grow autoflowering feminized cannabis plants.

Final Thoughts

The procedure for using autoflowering feminized cannabis plants is very popular now. This is a method that lets you harvest from the seedlings in just ten weeks. Also, you only need a smaller space for growing these cannabis plants.

Autoflowering cannabis plants, whether they are feminized or not, are more robust compared to photoperiod strains. Significant changes and developments in their growing process will indicate these cannabis plants will produce more potent effects, aroma, and tastes.

Autoflowering feminized cannabis plants are small but terrible. Although they can’t grow tall like those regular seeds that can reach 6 feet high, they can yield decently like regular seeds if you know how.

Though you don’t need to follow just one life cycle, your plants will still need enough exposure to light for them to grow. This will lead to a very steep electric bill each month. You can take care of this by choosing the right type of grow lights for them.