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Are you curious about using a gas mask for smoking weed? Here’s an article to learn more about the gas mask bong or the smoke mask weed bong and how to use it!

I’m sure that anyone who has visited a headshop might have seen some types of a weed smoking gas mask for sale or on display. Have you ever wondered if they are any good? Or maybe just wanting to know how to use them? You have come to the right place!

Here’s some information you might want to know about Gas Mask Bongs

What’s a Gas Mask for Smoking Weed?

The idea is very basic. Have you ever tried wearing a gas mask on? If you have, you’ll immediately notice that it can actually trap your face fully in it with some dedicated vents for you to inhale and exhaust air into to breathe. Now Imagine instead of air, smoke will then be channelled through those vents creating a chamber that will replicate your own personalized hot box!

If you are interested in looking for a gas mask for smoking weed for sale you can usually get one at any head shop depending on where you are located. They have also gained popularity being used a lot during art, music and street festivals. This can also be easily purchased today online and you can expect to spend around $40-$100 for those nice ones.

Some also make it an afternoon of fun-filled activity by making their own home made gas mask for smoking weed. It’s very doable! You can just easily Google it and you can find plenty of guides on how to DIY Gas Mask Bong.

The Gas Mask bong’s design is pretty basic. Like mentioned earlier, it is a Gas Mask with a bong attached to it! These 2 parts are detachable from each other to allow you to clean your weed smoking apparatus when needed and will make it easier for you to add and remove the water in the bong.

How to Use a Gas Mask Bong?

If you are wondering how the Gas Mask Bong works, don’t worry as it is basically the same as hitting a regular weed bong. All you have to do is:

1.) Fill the bong with water and connect this to its Gas mask attachment.

2.) Load up your bowl and pack it as desired with your favorite ground up buds.

3.) Loosen the Gas mask straps and slide it on your head and position it to have a good seal on your face with the mouthpiece positioned properly and retighten the straps.

4.) Now, slide in your bowl into its receptacle on the bong, blaze it up and release to clear the chamber.

5.) The gas mask will start to fill up with smoke after releasing the carb. You should be able to exhale with no issues and without the air getting pushed back into the bong.

6.) Inhale until the bong has cleared and you can now enjoy your own little hot box!

7.) To remove: Detach the bong from the mask and then proceed in loosening the straps.

Is Gas Mask Bong Worth it?

Gas mask bongs are more of a novelty item rather than an effective smoking paraphernalia. This was designed for fun and enjoyment plus a good trip with your friends. It is not an everyday option apparatus, unlike your pipes, rigs and rolling papers. But, if you are looking to have a trip and laugh about it! Then, I would say YES! Gas Mask Bongs or Gas Masks for Smoking Weed is indeed super worth it!