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Ways have developed how to feminize marijuana seeds naturally but growers’ are able to develop two artificial methods that are both harmless and effective. We will look into the two most effective feminizing sprays and what are they, and how are they used.


There is the silver thiosulfate method and the silver colloidal method. Both use inhabitants on the release of ethylene in the plant. The marijuana plant subjects to a controlled stress environment by intentional drying and spraying with solutions.

The chemicals in these inhibit the plants’ production of ethylene. THe Plant’s growth hormone. This hormone is only released when they get an injury or get exposed to stress. Ethylene handles the ripening of the fruits, the opening of flowers, shedding of leaves among others. This obstruction in hormones induces a gender change to the plant as a reaction to stress.

Solution spray given to the plant you will select from the batch of female plants will fertilize females with pollen it will develop as a result. The best marijuana plant of the batch you will select will ensure the genetic traits to pass to the next generation is premium.

Directed on the nodes or the junction between the main plant stem and the branches. Exactly where the male bananas or pollen sac will appear after the gender change. Since the female plant that turned to male has zero counts male chromosomes, then the pollen produced is 100% female.

When pollen sacs appear, this can return to the group and place it in the midst of the female plants. It’s time for the now-male female plant to pollinate the batch. The pollen harvest of the process will be for selective pollination and you can also keep this in storage for future use. 

The Silver Thiosulfate Method

Silver thiosulfate or also called STS is the mix of 2 individual solutions. This combination will result in the formation of silver thiosulfate.

Preparing the STS Solution

The STS spray will formulate by mixing 2 types of basic water solutions. The first one contains silver nitrate and the second contains sodium thiosulfate. To arrive at a 0.02% sodium thiosulfate solution, Add 0.1 G of silver nitrate in a container with .5 litres of distilled water. Equal Silver thiosulfate solution can also be made by adding 2.5G of Sodium Thiosulfate Anhydrous or 3.9G of Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate to a container with 0.5 litres of distilled water.


Individually, these chemicals have a 6 months shelf life. But by mixing, the solution can now only last for a month. Silver thiosulfate, you could also buy this as salt in granular form that dissolves in water. It is important to make sure that the solution has diluted thoroughly in the distilled water. As if not, it will burn your plants. If your plants show any signs of burning. Then you should dilute this more with water. Keep the solution away from your skin and you must wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles.

Although it is not known for being toxic, Silver Thiosulfate is an irritant. Spray the solution of Silver Thiosulfate on the marijuana plant, once every five days for thirty days. Saturate the area between the main stem and the branches on what we call nodes. Do not spray the roots. Spray STS on the plant only after turning the lights off and run the lights in a 12-hour flowering cycle

Preparing the Plants

Before spraying, you must prepare a batch of good marijuana plants. They must be all female from a single strain and are almost mature. You’re going to take one of them, so choose carefully which plant you’re going to spray STS on.

Apply the Silver Thiosulfate solution on the marijuana plant by spraying once every five days for thirty days. After the lights are off, which is running in a 12-hour flowering cycle. Saturate the nodes with the solution using the spray.

The second spraying may even be a more diluted STS solution. Knowing that the Silver Thiosulfate is very sensitive to light. So be very careful of light leaks after spraying the plants. You may opt to spray the plant in total isolation, as light leak causes plants to have hermaphrodite traits or having male and female traits that would pass on to the next generation.

Additional Information

Upon spraying, you may observe some drooping in the leaves and the changing of colour into brown, but the plant will soon regain turgidity after five days. And this is when the plant has then finished its transition phase into becoming male. The plant will revive within a month. Trimming the topmost of the plant will help it recover as its energy is dedicated to conversion instead of growing. After spraying it with silver thiosulfate, you should hang it and let it dry.

After drying, return it alongside its fellow plants from the same batch and type. Returning this plant and placing it in the middle of its batch of other female plants. This will allow the now-male plant to pollinate the female plants. The other females are not sprayed with STS when they begin to pollinate. You may also do some shaking to agitate more pollen into the female plants.

Pollen Collection and Storage

You can collect the pollen by using smooth-surfaced materials such as mirrors, credit cards or others. Especially for the pods that do not burst open by themselves. Harvested pollen is usable in the future by storing it in a flour mixture.

Growers add toasted flour which is about 100 times the volume of your pollen and mix it. Toasted flour is flour heated and cooled down. Raw pollen is so light that air will scatter it. This lowers chances of controlled pollination. So having it mixed with flour will make your job easier in picking it and distributing it as you wish. It is important to turn the fan off before the pollen begins dropping. So that it would not scatter and cause no problem to people with allergies or cause uncontrolled pollination.

Since this plant was female and only turned to male artificially. In using the silver thiosulfate method, the pollen from this plant is surely female pollen which is also known as stable feminized pollen. The pollinated plants are going to create feminized seeds after a couple of weeks.

The Colloidal Silver Method

Colloidal silver method utilizes spraying of the marijuana plant with a solution. For this method, you will need a very small amount of colloidal silver or pure silver and distilled water. Colloidal silver solution is also available for sale online.

Preparing Home-made Colloidal Silver Solution

Some growers claim that home-made non-commercial colloidal silver is far more potent than commercially available ones.

For you to create this solution at home

you will have to get the supplies required

  • 9-volt battery
  • a connector
  • 2 pcs alligator Clips •
  • a silver coin or a jewelry •
  • Tub of distilled water

Connect 2 alligator clips to a 9-volt battery through a connector in each of its red and black wires then attach the alligator clips to a silver coin or jewelry. Let the silver touch the distilled water but not the alligator clips. This will cause the silver ions to float on the distilled water. Leave this for seven hours, no more no less, or there will be much less ion or too much particle buildup in your water. Once ready, apply this mixture using a spray onto the female plant while they are flowering. Spray them every day, once or twice, which will take less than two weeks or 10-18 days in a row, depending on the different varieties of plants and their growing conditions.

The Silver ion also obstructs the production of ethylene, the plant used to develop female flowers, similar to the silver thiosulfate process. This will force pollen sacs following gender change. After all, you may fertilize your plant naturally as indicated in STS method. When male sacs have produced, it will take some time to open and produce pollen which is yellowish and will take 2-3 weeks. You can collect this pollen using materials with smooth-surface to use in pollinating the plants you wish only or for storing for future use.

Always remember do not eat or smoke any part of the plant that spray sets with the colloidal silver solution. As this brings serious effects on your health and the plant parts sprayed are not consumable.

Silver thiosulfate vs colloidal silver method

  • Both methodologies stems from the same scientific aim of inducing gender change in a female plant into male pollen production. Having only female genes will result in completely feminized seeds.
  • The only main difference between the two is the type of solution. Use and how they prepare and differences listed below:
  • The Silver thiosulfate is sensitive to light so the solution and the plants must be in the dark during and after spraying for a few hours.
  • Only Silver thiosulfate requires drying after spraying and before returning to the batch while the colloidal silver method is the application on plants while they are flowering and does not require drying.
  • For Silver thiosulfate, spray once every five days while colloidal silver spray once or twice daily.
  • Colloidal silver can cause serious side effects. Argyria is the most common, a discoloration of the skin that is bluish-gray in colour and usually is permanent. Many medications can also absorb poorly with the presence of colloidal silver, such as certain antibiotics and thyroxine used to treat thyroid deficiency. Silver thiosulfate, on the other hand, is only an irritant.
  • Despite these differences. Both prove to help ensure growers have a hefty harvest through having feminized marijuana seeds. The ultimate factor in deciding whether to use is the availability of materials and the process of how the chemicals could be prepared and used. Ways have evolved on how to feminize marijuana seeds naturally but growers’ are able to develop two artificial methods that are both harmless and effective. We will look into the two most effective feminizing sprays and what they are and how to use it.