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Canada is now home for some Marijuana cultivators and stores that are currently being used by a lot of people around the globe. From all types of seed, from the rarest and the most expensive, to the most common and cheapest, they all have it. Canada even pioneers in the development of quite a number of new strains nowadays. On top of this, they are also now open in marketing feminized seeds publicly. This is a very good thing for those looking for fast-growing yet guarantees to flower cannabis plants with 100% success.

Top 10 Feminized Marijuana Strains to Grow in Canada

You must remember that Canada is a colder climate country in comparison to the U.S. and this is true all year round. So, to ensure that your plants will survive in this demanding climate, you will have to pick out the right strains of cannabis to grow that thrive in these types of regions of the world that are constantly at a lower temperature. This is the list of our Top 10 pick.

1. Northern Light – Feminized

This strain is the combination of the Thai landrace and the Afghan strain. A creation from the Dutch Lands by a known seed bank. Rumor has it that this was first grown in Seattle before travelling to the Netherlands.
This is a 95% Indica dominant with 5% Sativa which is great for medicinal use specially during night-time. This strain is also popular for its deep green to purple leaves. With a thick and frosty resin trichomes covering that users describe as crystal-like. This attribute also acts as a protection for the plant to sustain in very low and harsh weather.

Another characteristic that this strain gains from this feature is its resistance to fungus and molds. Famous for its resiliency due to its capability to protect itself against these types of threats.

2. White Widow – Feminized

This strain is a creation out of a breeding program by another Dutch Seed company. This is a result of South Indian Indica and a Brazilian Sativa Landrace. At a 60 to 40 ration that Indica dominant.

The plant-covered entirely in a thick, frosty and sticky resin that is highly visible, an indication of a high THC concentration in its plant structure. Its dark green leaves together with its robust green and white buds that look similar to a sage, sprinkled with strands of orangey pistils contribute to its dramatic look.

Furthermore, the conical look and crystalline finish of the buds add to its magnificence. But, you must think twice about its thick and strong outer look as the buds have a loose structure and break apart easily after harvest. Users describe the aroma as similar to incense or a hash that gives off a pungent odor during smoking.

3. Candyland – Feminized

An offspring of world-renowned strain, The Indica Granddaddy Purple and the Bay Platinum Cookies. This dominant Sativa strain is popular for its golden-colored hairs with thick resin coating on its leaves that doubles as protection to cold weather. During harvest this marvellous plant covers itself heavily with trichomes – a resin that is essential for the survival of Sativa’s. This plant grows up to 6 feet tall with buds that hide and camouflage its color. Considered as one of Sativa’s tallest member ever but is still highly preferable as an indoor suitable strain on cold climates. This plant takes 7 to 9 weeks to flower from germination.

As the name suggests, this strain brings a candy-like flavor that is earthy and pungent. This also comes in different flavors that have various mixes that range from sweet, herbal, pungent and piney hints.

4. Pineapple Express – Feminized

Known as one of the Indica-dominant strain’s most remarkable members. This strain is highly popular for its insomnia suppressing features. This was created from the U.S and identify as to be on the level with the popular Indica strains that are fruit-inspired namely the Grape and the Pineapple Express.

This strain can thrive in equally harsh and cold weather which brings flavors that are associated to be tropical especially during the mid-winter season in the Canadian lands. Pineapple Express -Feminized takes 8 to 10 weeks to flower and with this thick, crystallized resin-covered leaves peaking during Canadian winters. Also, this plant only grows 2 feet in height, this is highly suitable for indoor planting.

5. White Russian – Feminized

This strain is the result of cross-breeding of the famous White Widow and the Russian AK-47. Developed to thrive in long winter regions of Russia and the countries near the Arctic circle. With parents that are known to be CBD & THC rich this has been regarded as one of the most powerful strains ever created. Packed with THC levels at 22% and brings a fragrant sweet mixed skunk scent makes this strain unique and highly sought after. White Russian – Feminized takes 7 to 9 weeks to flower. But, it is also observed to happen quicker on this variety compared to its non-feminized version.

6. Lemon Haze – Feminized

This is a result of combining Silver Haze with Hybrid Lemon Skunk that punches in between 15-20% THC content. Due to its strong roots this strain has received characteristics of strength and even surpasses expectations. Lemon Haze-Feminized strain is gaining popularity as one of the best strains to grow in colder regions.

This strain performs amazingly and brings an excellent harvest on a standardized light period of 18 hours indoors. Also, this strain can flower in just 6 to 8 weeks of growth from germination.

With the right amount, this strain can jump start your way to productivity. Engaging the mind into contentment while lifting the body in a calm focus state. This will prick your tongue while doing a drag due to its grand THC balance

7. OG Kush – Feminized

A strain that has been a genetic donor in a wide variety of strains across the West Coast. This wide-spread popularity is because of its easy, fast-growing, and quality bud attributes.

OG Kush is a combination of the Hindu Kush Indica strains. Due to the strains adaptation to the Northern California weather conditions, this has developed an extremely high THC content that is recorded to reach up to 27%, the highest in the industry since its birth.

At 7 to 9 weeks flowering period this brings a smooth and fruity flavor with lime and diesel hints. This gives you an energetic cerebral effect balanced with a long-lasting physical stone. At full growth, this is still short in stature, making it an excellent choice for growers with limited space and time.

8. Snow Bud – Feminized

This strain is very popular as one of the most tolerant plants that can thrive in extreme and harsh cold weather. Named after how it looks, this strain cloaks itself in its dense resin that appears like snow and grows in the US, Canada and Europe.

Though, Odd as it may, this strain originated from a South African strain bred with an Afghan strain. These far-fetched roots have surely caused doubts to its tolerance to cold weather yet more to its effects. But yet again, this strain still proves to be a winner in any cold climate cultivation and only takes 7 to 8 weeks to flower from germination.

9. Early Skunk – Feminized

A 2006 Cannabis Cup Winner in the Outdoors Category as the Best Strain, this is also known to thrive in regions where seasons are long and harsh conditions prevail year-round.

This is an offspring of the Early Pearl and Skunk #1 strains. This plant only takes 7 to 9 weeks to flower and is very popular as an easy to grow and cultivate a plant that can bring abundant yields in long mid-winter months.
This strain has a range of aromatic fragrance from flowery, earthy to woody.

10. LSD – Feminized

The final but not least Feminized Marijuana Strain that gets into our Top 10 picks for Canadian lands, is the well-known LSD strain. Its psychedelic effects are the reason why this strain is so popular plus punching in at a high 24% THC content, No doubt this joins our list. An offspring of the Mazar-I-Sharif and the world-renowned Skunk#1 strains, This combination has been very successful that it can dominantly take over a person for long periods, bringing it’s cerebral high mixed with psychedelic effects that will give a buzz all through your body.

The best thing is, this is easy to grow and cultivate strain, that thrives in cold climates and takes only 7 to 9 weeks to flower.


Now, that you now have the list of the Top 10 Feminized marijuana strains suitable for growing in the Canadian Lands. The only thing left is for you to make the choice depending on your preferences and desires. All of the presented Feminized Seeds are suitable for cold temperatures and those that have shown promise to thrive in harsh conditions. These seeds assure the quality that they can offer faced with the lonely, harsh and long winters of the Canadian Region.