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Finding autoflowering feminized seeds for sale is easy especially if you are looking for them online. Most Americans are actually getting their marijuana buds and seeds from online cannabis seed banks. 

However, you do not always have to rely on seeds whenever you are growing marijuana plants. Cloning is also a good option for you to develop and produce more buds in your cannabis grow space. But is it safe to use them as the mother plants for you clones?

It is important to understand more about cloning before we get to that point.

What is Cloning?

When you hear about the word “cloning”, sci-fi concepts might immediately flood into your mind. Movies and television shows have fed us the conventional understanding of what cloning is. It’s not always about using high-tech materials to get DNA samples to create a copy. It is a bit different when it comes to the cannabis world.

When cloning cannabis plants, the concept remains the same.You will have to secure a genetic material called the “mother plant” to start the process. But that is where the similarities between this process and the sci-fi concept of cloning stop.

First step is to cut a part of a healthy stem or branch from a mature mother plant. Then, you should grow the new plant out of that cut that will create a copy by growing it with the same genetics. 

Why Clone Marijuana Plants?

  • It is faster

Cloning marijuana plants instead of growing them from seeds is a lot faster. You will be skipping the two week germination process when growing new cannabis plants out of clones. 

  • You already know what you are getting

Growing clones are essentially creating a genetic copy of the mother plant you used.

  • The clone carries the same attributes as the mother plant

When you use the cloning method, the mother plant’s characteristics are passed on to the new  plant. For instance, a unique scent, flavor, or optimal THC levels will be inherited by the new one. This is also great if you want your buds to have more uniformity in terms of their qualities and effects.

  • Doing so is generally cheaper

Cannabis seeds can be pretty expensive. You can opt for growing clones  instead of using seeds. Since a pre-existing mother plant is used in the procedure , you don’t need to spend excessively.

Can you use feminized plants as mother plants for your clones?

Generally speaking, yes you can. Female marijuana plants that come from feminized seeds can still be used to create clones. It is safe to use them as mother plants during the cloning process as these plants still have the same structure and capabilities as the regular cannabis seeds. But the question here is if it is advisable to feminized marijuana plants.

Most experts agree that you should avoid cloning using female mother plants that come from feminized cannabis seeds. One of the first reasons for such is that there is a bigger chance for your clones to become hermaphrodites.

Hermaphroditism is when a female plant forces itself to develop male characteristics. It can spread its kind and pollinate itself and other nearby female plants.

Hermaphrodites are more likely to arise from feminized cannabis seeds because they do not carry male genetics. They will be forced to become males themselves and develop pollen sacs to be able to distribute.

Another reason is that regular seeds have stronger genetics as opposed to female seeds. Regular seeds are developed by generations of backcrossing to make sure they end up with genetics as pure as possible. 

The best strategy is to use several mother plants to try weeding out the ones that have a tendency to become hermaphrodites. Then once you find the mother plant that did not produce hermaphrodites, that would be the one you should use for cloning.