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Getting to smoke our favourite bud on moments when it tickles our fancy is the best. It’s our love for the bud that makes us toke some every time we crave for it. It would also be most pleasurable if we get the love back from it at least with a couple of blunts a day.

Dreaming aside, it will only be worth it, if we work on it.. with a little bit of effort and a whole lot of love, you can get the cannabis that you desire. That’s why you need to start growing so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Early Miss Strain is an indoor cannabis strain that is highly preferred by a lot of growers and smokers. Cannabis enthusiasts fantasize about getting a drag of some of that ultimate strain that tastes amazing.

To end this nonsense and getting to business. On this page, we will introduce this beauty to you and what this strain is really all about through our Early Miss Strain review Plus, here are 10 tips on how to grow this indoor cannabis strain.

Who is Early Miss Strain

Early Miss Strain is a three-way cross of three special cannabis varieties. the Big Bud, the White Widow, and an unknown cannabis ruderalis. It’s a combination of 10% ruderalis, 30% sativa and 60% indica based on the traits acquired from its parents.

This strain originated in Spain and is a very popular cannabis variety back then. Its peppery and spicy effect with a hint of ammonia is what its fans look for. A perfect strain for a steady trip like watching movies and listening to music.

The THC content can go as high as 20% to 21% with its CBD contents at moderate levels. This blend makes this strain applicable for both recreational and medicinal uses. It’s also great for those who need to regain their appetite and as a relief for chronic pain, depression and cancer.

This autoflowering strain does not grow tall and has an average height of 38 inches to 78 inches. It is suitable for cultivation indoors or outdoors, respectively. However, due to its short stature and versatile nature its more popular for indoor use.

This variety flowers around 7 weeks from germination. It could be cured for 2 weeks after harvest. Indoor harvest yields around 200 to 250 grams per square meter.

Tips for Growing Early Miss Strain Indoors

Because of its built and nature, most cultivators prefer growing this strain indoors. That is why it is key to understand several important things when growing this strain indoors. Below are the things we should remember.

#1. Only Buy high-quality seeds

Space is limited in indoor cultivation. So, it is essential that we only grow feminized seeds to be sure that all the plants grown will have buds. If not, this will all go to waste and we will have to start over and buy a new batch of seeds again.

By looking at the seeds, you’ll be able to see if it is viable for growing or not. It should not be too green or too brown which indicate if it’s still immature or yet already over matured. It should look strong and stable with a thin wax coating on the outer shell. Gray and white patches are an indicator that the seed is good and is reliable for use.

By squeezing the seed using your thumb and index finger, you can check its viability as well. If it is sturdy and does not break, then this is good for planting.

Furthermore, the genetic aspects of the seed will be impossible to examine. So It is dependent that the seed is from a healthy mother for this will grow well. Environmental conditions and nutrients play an important role in the plant’s growth. However, Its genetics still dictates how it will undergo its growth process.

#2. Always Monitor the Temperature

Although this seed is of a versatile strain, it is very important to maintain optimal temperatures around the plant at all times. Since originally they have been cultivated in a hot and humid climate outdoors, the ideal temperatures that they thrive in are around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adjust the distance of your lighting to be able to control the temperature indoors. It should be at least 20 to 30 inches from the plants as suggested by experts.

It has been observed that the use of red light from a grow lamp is highly beneficial for this strain. Photosynthesis has been increased with the red spectrum which induces bud production. A high-pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp is recommended as well. But, any applicable alternatives such as fluorescent lamp could be used.

#3. Use High-Quality Soil Medium

With planting indoors, you won’t have easy access to dirt. That’s why it’s crucial to plan and prepare the correct proportions and nutrient content of the soil.

For starters, the coco coir medium with 15% perlite is a usual suggestion to use. Add compost from vermiculture as required. Adding natural fertilizers such as fruit peelings and dried leaves is preferable but you also have an option to add artificial fertilizer.

Regularly check the pH content of the soil. It must not be too acidic or basic. A pH level of 6.3 to 6.8 is the most ideal for plant utilization.

A fluctuating pH level could mean that there is a chemical contamination on your soil. Immediately flush the soil content through directly flushing it with water to mediate the issue.

#4. Watering

Water is a necessity for all living organisms to survive. Regularly watering indoor plants is important including to the Early Miss strain.

There is no standard way or cycle when to water plants. This will have to depend on your instincts when watering. We should keep the soil damp as much as we can, you should not pour water until it goes a bit moist. Furthermore, the soil should never be allowed to dry up as this will cause the leaves to droop later on.

Be careful of watering indoor cannabis plants. Avoid using tap water as much as you can as this can add excess mineral contents to the soil that is not good for the plant and can intoxicate or kill them. It is suggested to use a mineral filter to alleviate this problem.

#5. Pests and Mold Infestations

It is vital to your plant’s survival to prevent small creatures from getting to them. Even though this plant is small it is still susceptible to getting infested by pests or molds.

To prevent molds, avoid excess moisture when watering the plant. Molds thrive in humid and damp conditions, so it is important to keep the moisture and humidity level checked once in a while.

To protect your plants from pests, the only prevention you can do is to keep the surroundings clean and to keep an eye on your plants regularly. Make sure to keep them in a secure and enclosed space or room to prevent insects from crawling in.

Once these pests are seen, immediately address this using natural mitigation method or to carefully use a spray of water or your hands remove them.

#6. Indoor Ventilation

Ventilation is another parameter that we should consider when growing cannabis. We should ensure that there is sufficient airflow around the plant’s surroundings. We can do this by using proper ventilation equipment available in most hardware or supply depots.

There are several options for ventilation systems that we can purchase. These are easy to install and vital especially when growing the plants indoors. For those with space constraints, an intake and exhaust fan with a suitable ducting system can be used to maintain proper airflow.

Proper airflow will help to prevent mold accumulation and the infestation of pests. If efficiently utilized, this can also treat and maintain balance in the moisture and humidity fn the area.

#7. Detect Nutrient Deficiency

As a grower, It is vital to have the knowledge and understanding of what nutrients the plant requires on certain stages of their growth. You should be able to see signs and indications that the plant is experiencing a nutrient deficiency.

Also, each nutrient has a specific symptom on the plant if this is deficient. One, in particular, is when the plant’s leaves are turning yellow, as this may entail either nitrogen or iron deficiency. Furthermore, if the plant is manifesting a slow growth with leaves turning dark, it can be attributed to a lack of phosphorous.

Whichever symptom may be showing, this will determine the survival of our plants. So it is very important that we are able to address them as soon as they are discovered.

#8. Take Note of the Flowering and Harvesting Period

Autoflowering plants go to its flowering phase when it gets to age and does not depend on the light exposure it gets. It is vital to know when the plant starts to flower and the duration this happens to make sure that you also harvest at the proper time.

The Early Miss strain will start flowering at least three to four weeks from germination and the proper harvest period then takes about another 3 weeks more from flowering.

Just as a precaution, make sure to know how to identify characteristics of a male and a female cannabis plant. As rarely it may be, there are still instances that a feminized seed will turn into a male plant. It is always worth checking to make sure we are not wasting time.

#9. Transplant and Train your Plants

This method is optional. But most of the time, transplanting is necessary to accommodate more space for growth. As most often, we would start off on small containers reason why we should ensure that our plants will have ample space for growth by transplanting them to larger pots and this should be done correctly. Vertical growth is one major indication of the correct time for transplanting, this is when the leaves are already appearing to be stable-looking as well which more or less be around 5-7 days from planting.

Another, is to train your plants. There are a few methods in doing this and one of its purpose is to maximize the yield of its buds. Autos are known to produce low yields and using this method will help improve this.

#10. Develop a Good Growing Attitude

The most important factor in growing cannabis is the grower’s attitude towards the process. You should keep motivating yourself and make sure to monitor your plants daily. Also, the grower should always make sure that the area is clean.  Regularly check your plants for signs and symptoms of any issues that it may be experiencing. Doing research is always helpful especially with indoor growing. You should have ample understanding of the things involved before even attempting to start planting.

The Early Miss strain is fairly easy to grow. But, this is still important as you will be investing your time, effort, and money in trying to grow these plants. As said, you will only reap what you sow. So be patient and have the determination needed in growing cannabis. Once all of these are utilized , it is certain that you will achieve success. 

Good luck to you!