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A good grower knows their own strengths and limitations. Moreso, they know what they can and can’t provide. So, with this knowledge, they can now choose which seeds are the best fit for them. A grower with the right seed and growing setup can secure a good harvest. Keep in mind that a regular seed has different needs from a feminized seed, so know the disadvantages of feminized seeds.

What are Your Choices Other than Growing Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

There are three kinds of seeds that dominate the market today. There is the regular seed which requires all the traditional steps. Next is the Autoflowering pot seeds which are a little different when compared to a regular one. The difference between them lies with the capability of entering the flowering cycle. A regular seed will enter this cycle usually at the end of summer. This because of the lack of light that it receives due to shorter days. An Autoflowering seed however, will enter its flowering stage regardless of the amount of light. You can give it 24-hour lighting and it will still push through the said stage.

What Are the Disadvantages of Feminized Seeds?

Growing feminized pot seeds is easier when compared to those two, the regular and Autoflowering seeds. A plant’s sex is usually affected by the growing environment. So, a stressful one can make the majority of them turn into males leading to much lesser yields. Now, with feminized seeds, this type of scenario is no longer a concern. Since a feminized seed will most likely turn into a female plant even if the environment is a little stressful. For a beginner grower, having a little room for minor mistakes is a good thing and growing feminized marijuana seeds can give them just that.

There’s no perfect seed. They all have their downsides like a minimal growing cycle for regular seeds and lesser yields for Autoflowering ones. Feminized seeds have this characteristic to turn into a hermaphroditic plant if the female ratio is high within the growing environment. These plants will pollinate the female plants. Since, there’s a huge number of them, the energy that was supposed to be for bud production will divert to pollen production instead thus lessening the yield.

You should know that despite having lesser yield per harvest, unlike the regular seeds, growing feminized cannabis seeds will give you the ability to have multiple harvests within a year. It is up to you to decide which among these three seeds is best suited for you.

Happy Growing!