Everyone’s specific purpose of taking Marijuana requires the perfect strain to achieve full benefits. May it be recreationally or medically, there are strains developed with different characteristics. Selecting the right Seeds for you is one thing but selecting the perfect Marijuana strains that will satisfy your needs is on another whole new level. Here in we will show you information that you need to know in understand regarding Marijuana Strains and the things around it.

31 05, 2019

Autoflower VS Feminized VS Regular: Which Seeds are Easy to Grow?

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Out of three types, it’s quite difficult to evaluate what is easy to cultivate. It’s either the autoflower cannabis seeds which grow in a short amount of time, the feminized ones which often are the desirable seeds, or it could be the regular ones which are ordinary-looking yet still had its own [...]

19 03, 2019

10 Intereseting Facts About Chemdog Feminized Seeds

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The Chemdog or Chemdawg is a popular hybrid that has a mysterious origin. Its strain is also popular for having a strong chemical smell and near-psychedelic high when you take a hit of it. Various aspects of the Chemdawg are quite intriguing for anyone in the cannabis community. This includes [...]