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Various things can affect the growth of cannabis plants. The use of feminized seeds can minimize the time and costs needed in sexing the plant. This type of plant is one of the many aspects that may affect your plant’s growth.

A hermaphrodite plant is basically a one sex plant that develops opposite sex organs. Usually, autoflowering cannabis growers come across female hermaphrodites that show male flowers. However, the opposite can happen as well; male plants can show female flowers. This is usually referred to as the “backward” hermaphrodite. These are less common than female hermaphrodites because growers usually grow females and exterminate the males.

Autoflower Cannabis Hermaphrodite – How it Happens

It’s natural to think that there are both male and female cannabis plants. However, there’s such a thing growers call “hermie” which is short for hermaphrodite plants. These are plants that show both gender traits and characteristics simultaneously. It’s quite thrilling to think that there is such a plant that can pollinate itself, but growers think otherwise. How do hermies start anyway? What causes these plants to grow?

The role of stress in the production of hermies

Experts proved that the origin of hermaphrodite cannabis plants come from the silent killer – stress. While all types of plants are affected by stress, cannabis plants are more vulnerable to it due to its unique plant physiology and characteristics. Stress can come from anything. Some examples include chemical imbalances within the plant, environmental-related problems, and internal stress. If one plans to grow cannabis plants, it is wise to understand all of these to avoid stressing their plants.

Stress from Inconsistent Lighting

Light is a necessity for plants to create their own food. To grow and produce a good harvest, cannabis plants require natural or artificial light sources, water, and organic plant food. Because of this, plants depend on these factors for their critical health and survival. With this, inconsistent lighting can result to stress for the plant and the possible development of hermies.

Stress from Heat

Long exposure to heat can cause stress and burns on cannabis plants. This is caused by light sources being placed too close to plants of the plant stretches to reach the light source. Plants won’t only have to deal with stress but also need to physically recover for better yield.

Stress from Plant Health

Like all regular plants, cannabis plants are also vulnerable to most kinds of plant diseases. Stress can come in its strongest form from exposure to any fungus or bacteria. In order to stay healthy and grow, plants need to neutralize these aggressors. However, there are other causes of stress to plants as well: deficiency of nutrients, pH imbalances, or light burns.


It has been stated that stress can cause the production of hermies. However, these hermies can also be the result of genetics. Hermies can produce offspring that have hermaphrodite characteristics as well and this is not a good thing. Hence, it is best to destroy these plants as soon as they are found to avoid accidental pollination.

Lowering the Chances of Producing a Hermaphrodite in Cannabis Plant Yields?

You can drastically prevent the development of mixed-gender cannabis plants. As a result, when you avoid all the aspects that can cause stress to these plants. Some tips that may reduce the risk are:

1. Consistency with Lighting

Create a lighting schedule for your plants and be consistent with it. Forgetting your schedule can cause stress to the plants as it will ruin its internal schedule.

2. Avoid Too Much Heat

Dehydration can be quite stressful for plants. To avoid this, ventilate your grow room to improve the temperature. You can do this by adding a fan or an exhaust fan.

3. Avoid Crowding Your Plants

To prevent plants from stretching to compete with lighting and nutrients, don’t overcrowd them in one small area. While plants naturally do this in order to survive. Too much stretching can cause stress as it could burn plants, and break their stems and branches.

4. Buy Healthy and Durable Seeds

Buy your seeds from a reliable dealer that will sell you healthy and durable seeds. This way, the risk of buying seeds with the characteristics of hermies is low. Follow this tip to save money and worry.

5. Maintain pH and Feed Plants with the Best Organic Food

Only feed your plants organic food. On top of that, maintain their pH levels in the soil by using quality products. Create a consistent feeding schedule as well.