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Growing cannabis seeds has become a global trend these days. Thanks to the many governments and institutions that are aggressively pushing for its legalization, more research and studies are being conducted about the plant’s health benefits. Now, if you’ve decided to grow your own cannabis seeds, then congratulations!

There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to grow your own marijuana garden and harvest high-quality crops. You’ll also become part of a rapidly growing culture. Indeed, growing cannabis plants has become a worldwide phenomenon. But before you start growing your own marijuana plants, you must do your homework first. See our cannabis guide 101 to learn more before you grow!

For first-timers, doing online research is vital to ensure that you follow the right cultivation process. Growing cannabis is super easy but it doesn’t mean that there are no pointers or guidelines to consider. Knowing the basics of growing cannabis makes the whole experience more fun. It also improves the probability of quality and abundant harvest.

These basic steps should help you gain more ideas about how to grow cannabis from seeds. We will also provide you with tips and tricks on how you can enjoy a better harvest. Enjoy!

Growing Cannabis From Seeds

STEP 1: Picking the Best Cannabis Seeds

We understand that the options available can be staggering. You can find countless of different seeds online. From Indica, sativa, ruderalis, or hybrids – all are just one click away. But before you choose any seeds that you’re going to cultivate. It’s necessary that you already have an idea of what kind of harvest you would like to have.’

Do you have unforgettable strains in mind that have given your incredible effects from the past? Would you like to grow cannabis seeds that produce medicinal plants to treat particular ailments? Or perhaps you just want something that is very easy to grow and is novice-friendly?

When choosing the right cannabis seeds, it’s necessary that you consider your preferences. You also need to make sure that you have enough space or grow room. There are seeds out there that can grow into huge monsters and are not suited for outdoor cultivation. By keeping these things in mind, finding the right seeds for you should become easy.

STEP 2: Getting Ready

Before jumpstarting your cannabis seeds to grow, it’s vital that you provide your plants with their fundamental needs. You have to make sure that you’re able to provide the following things:


Your marijuana plant is going to need adequate lighting. You need to be able to provide sufficient light at least 12 hours per 24 hours period. By providing this, your plants will grow healthily, especially during the vegetative stage. If you’re growing them indoors, then be sure that you buy timers. However, if you’re planting them outside, then exposure to the sun and twelve hours of daylight should suffice.


Same as other living things on this planet, your cannabis plants need water to grow, thrive, and do its healthy biological functions. For those who are living in areas where there is regular rainfall, water should not be an issue and nature alone can provide such need. However, if you’re growing your cannabis indoors, then be sure that you can provide them with enough volume of water.

Some indoor growers use unmodified water to soilless systems and hydroponics regularly. Be sure as well that you keep track of the pH level of the water. And for you to ensure that the pH levels are at its healthiest level, you have to buy high-quality pH meter.


Another important thing that you need to provide your cannabis plant is air. Be sure that there is a proper and healthy exchange of gases in the room where you are going to plant your cannabis seeds. These plants require fresh moving air. Growing them outdoors is beneficial since they will be exposed to gale or breeze. Bear in mind that an outdoor environment can attract pests and molds. Be very careful and make sure that your plants have fresh air intake.

Humidity and Temperature

Growing your cannabis plants outdoes don’t give you control over this factor, but if you’re growing them indoors, then make sure that you do proper humidity control. Always make sure that you provide the right and balanced humidity – this should make a healthy and pest-free environment.

Cannabis plants are strong and resilient. They can survive the heat and cold temperatures. However, it can get stressed when the temperature is too extreme. If you’re planting them indoors, then make sure that you have fans and air conditioning units if you live in hot climate or heating and cooling mats if you live in cold climates.

Nutrients and Growing Medium

Then you need to make sure that you find the right soil. You want to look for neutral mediums that are entirely nutrient-dependent. These kinds of soils include perlite, rock wool, vermiculite, and coco coir. Be sure as well that you provide your plants with the right amount of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Adding living compost and living organisms in your soil also promotes healthy growth and development.

STEP 3: Germinating Your Seeds

Now that you know the basic things that your cannabis plants need, the next thing that you need to focus on is germinating your seeds. For them to successfully germinate, you have to make sure that you plant them in a good environment that has the right conditions. Your seeds need to have water, warmth (temperature), and a good location.

STEP 4: Welcoming the Vegetative Phase

The vegetative phase comes the moment your cannabis plant leaves meet the light photosynthesis. This is the part where your plants start to metabolized. During this phase, if you’re planting your cannabis plants indoors, you have to make sure that you provide the light that is set to an eighteen-hour day, six-hour night light routine.

This is also the best time for you to feed them lots of nutrients. Keeping the temperature under control is very important as well. You can also study scrogging and low-stress training and apply it here on this phase – this should increase the growth rate.

STEP 5: Flowering or Blooming Period

Budding, flowering, or blooming all refer to the same phase of growth for cannabis plants. This is an exciting time for you and your plants since this is when the aromas start to develop. You’ll also be amazed at the Interesting floral arrangements that you’ll see in your garden. During this state, you have to make sure that you provide the right heat and lighting.

STEP 6: Harvest Time

This is the moment that you’ve been dreaming about. This is the part where nutrients are ignored and your plants will be flushed out with clean water – this guarantees great flavor-free of nutrients and builds salt after taste.

You’ll know that your cannabis plants are ready to harvest when your plants are now abundantly covered with trichomes and pistils are shrivelling back. You’ll also notice that the swollen resin sacks start to change color. First, it’s going to be clear to milky and then milky to amber.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the basics of growing cannabis, it’s time for you to do some preparation. Buy all the necessary things that your plants need and make sure that you provide them sufficient amount of TLC. Take care of your cannabis plants and there’s no doubt that they will give you the best harvest of your life.

There are still many cultivation methods that you can find on the web today, but if you’re a beginner, then you should begin with a simple setup. If there are things that are unclear to you, then don’t hesitate to ask for tips or pieces of advice from your friends or families who have experienced growing their own marijuana plants before. Enjoy this venture and have fun with your harvest!