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Topping and fimming marijuana plants are both methods done in cutting or clipping the plant to improve its shape and to allow better access of light on the bottom portion of the plant and encourage the growth of new bud sites. This process will allow your plant to have more colas and bigger space for bud growth, which ultimately brings you a better yield overall. So which one is better? Topping vs Fimming and we will try to find that out.

What is ‘Fimming’ and ‘Topping’?

To be able to determine the answer on Topping vs fimming. We will first try to understand each one. Both techniques are methods of pruning your cannabis plants. This is done to produce bushier marijuana plants that can produce better yields when harvested. Fimming and topping are both considered as HST or high-stress training techniques. Usually, this is practiced more on indoor plants to assist them in growing and making the most out of the light source provided.

Fimming refers to the technique of removing new growths but staying away from cutting between the nodes of the plant. On the other hand, Topping is the process of cutting off the top of the plant between the nodes. Considering they are very similar these 2 methods produce different effects on the plants and it usually depends on the growers which one works best for them.

Topping vs Fimming

What are the Pros and Cons of Topping?

For beginners, Topping is the recommended HST method to use in growing as this is very easy to do and will also give you great results. For you to start topping your plant you would need to wait until you have at least 3 nodes and then you can start cutting the newest node. You need to position your cut above it where the leaves of the nodes are located. This will induce the plant to grow 2 colas on that single node that has been removed resulting in twice the amount of harvest for that particular portion of the plant.

This method is super easy and quick to do and you will not only increase your colas numbers but this can also aid in growing a healthier and bushier plant. Topping will control the plant’s shape making them identical to how a Christmas tree looks like allowing more exposed areas to the light source. This is super beneficial growing indoors as in this set up the grow lights have a more concentrated focus on the plants.
This technique has a high success rate but the only issue it brings is you might hesitate to do it to your plants. Don’t worry just take courage and do it and we can guarantee you it will pay off bringing in larger yields.

What are the Pros and Cons of Fimming?

Fimming is highly identical to topping but this method is known to produce more colas so it is the best choice there is. The more the merrier right? This is great if you are growing a couple of marijuana plants as this will pump up your harvest and attain maximum production of your buds. This method is also easy and is difficult not to do correctly as this has quite a large room for errors. While this is what most advanced growers use, don’t hesitate and give it a shot if you are a beginner. Similar to Topping, wait until you have 3 nodes and by then you can pinch the leaves off of the newest node with your fingers and your thumb.
After this, just give your plant time to recover and you will witness that there are now at least four additional colas that will assist you in growing a bushier plant. But, sometimes fimming is not as effective as topping in controlling or reducing the height of your plants, and since it is not as “stressful” to plants, the desired effects may not be always achieved.