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Every cannabis grower wants to yield big. It doesn’t matter if it’s a recreational strain or a medicinal strain. They want big buds and huge yields. But what if you are growing an auto-flowering cannabis strain, would you still get the best results? Candy Kush Autoflower plants are auto-flowering strains known not just for their quick flowering time but also for their moderate to high yields.

Growing Candy Kush auto-flowering plants is all about getting more yields even if you are growing small and compact plants. When Candy Kush autos are grown indoors. You can get as much as 475 to 525 grams per square meter while outdoor yields can yield from 450 to 500 grams per plant. And do you know you can still get more when you follow these tips?

How to get Big Buds with an Auto Candy Kush?

When you see pictures of full-grown cannabis plants with lovely flowers, you often see a single, huge cola right? Actually, cannabis has numerous nodes where buds can form and the larger a plant is, the more nodes it has. This means that each node has the capacity to support one big bud!

However, the more the node is that are located at the bottom of the plant, the less possibility this will develop buds.Yet, If buds would develop, they will be immature and very small buds.

How big do you want your Auto Candy Kush buds to be? You can increase the size and the density of your buds by pruning, lighting, feeding, training and using good soil.

Pruning your Candy Kush Autos

Pruning is cutting or removing the large leaves located at the bottom section of the plant. The large fan leaves block precious light which may still improve the size and the quality of the buds that may grow here.

Pruning also improves the humidity inside the plant structure. You can prevent mold and mildew which can greatly damage your plant and buds.

Pruning is easy to do and won’t create a lot of damage to your plants. You may simply pick the leaves with your hands or you can use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors to remove the large leaves and stems.

Tip: Do not throw away the leaves and stems that you have removed from your plant. You can still use this as cutting to grow Candy Kush strains however; these cuttings may not preserve the autoflowering characteristics of the autoflower strain.

Prune only healthy plants. You can tell that your plants are healthy if these can grow new leaves and stem daily, don’t’ have any pests or molds and are not showing any signs of nutrient deficiencies.

Using Proper Lighting Techniques

Light is life for cannabis plants. Good lighting helps plants produce food that will enhance its overall health and the ability to produce good buds and more yields.

As a general rule in growing cannabis, big lights equal to big yields. Take note that every 100 watts can cover a square foot of growing space. For instance, a 600-watt grow light will be able to cover at least a 6 feet x 6 feet of space.

Aside from choosing the right light intensity, you must also ensure that your grow lights are at the correct height from your plants. Depending on the kind of light you are using, you must leave at least a few inches distance from the tips of your leaves and buds to get the best effect.

Consider a few things when using grow lights:

  • The type of light

If you are using a hot HPS lamp, place it about 6 inches or more away from your plants to prevent heat burn or light burn.

If you are using CFL lights or LED lights, place these only a few inches away from your plants. In the case of CFL lights, you might need not just one light but rather multiple lights focused on different parts of the plants.

LED lights shine very bright and are very cost-effective. LED lamps may be placed on the ceiling or from the walls of the growing area for better results.

  • The color of the light

Growers have amazingly found out that cannabis plants grow well in response to different colors of light. You can use CFL or LED lamps available in different colors.

Use blue-colored light or a light with a higher blue ratio during the vegetative stage. This light stimulates the growth of healthy leaves and will make plants grow short and dense.

Meanwhile, yellow or red lights are used during the flowering stage to stimulate stretching and promote dense and large buds. Plants will also switch from the growing phase to the flowering phase when exposed to red light than blue lights.

  • Heat and temperature

Light causes heat and in a small indoor growing area, you need to balance heat and light. You are mostly left to deal with a problem such as using high-intensity lights which are known to produce the best big buds BUT could be very hot to plants.

Meanwhile, CFL lamps offer a moderate amount of heat but will need more lamps to get the best results. The best choice will still be LED lamps because these will shine brighter but will remain cool. You can use some LED lamps and still maintain the cool temperature of your room.

If you are growing your Candy Kush autos outdoors, properly space your trenches or pots so that even the sides of the plant can get full sun. Select a south-facing slope to grow your plants so that these can get the most amount of sun all day.

Feeding your Autoflowering Candy Kush Plants

Feed your plants correctly so you can grow big buds. Supporting big buds starts during the growing stage by feeding your plants with fertilizer or supplements rich in nitrogen. This nutrient prepares plants by making stems, branches and leaves stronger.

With stronger and healthier plant parts, these will be able to support healthy, dense and large buds. And as your plants move from the vegetative to the flowering stage, you must reduce nitrogen amounts because your plants won’t need this anymore.

Your flowering plants will now need phosphorous and potassium, two nutrients that promote bud growth and improved yields.

To prepare your plants as it transfers from the growing phase to the flowering, top dress your soil using worm castings or bat guano. This improves phosphorous levels dramatically. After this, you may now apply other nutrients.

Aside from fertilizer and supplement feedings, you may also give your soil a diet of compost tea. This is a mixture of organic ingredients and good bacteria that can improve the ability of the roots to absorb nutrients. Compost teas contain mycelium which enhances the uptake of nutrients from the roots and thus results in bigger and denser buds.

Training your Plants

When you leave your plants to their own devices, they will naturally grow taller or wider with a large stalk in the middle and a few small stalks surrounding it. The center stalk will grow the highest because it receives more light compared to the other stalks growing along the sides.

The top of this single stalk is where a lovely cola will emerge. Usually, the height of this main cola will dictate as to how high the grow lights will be. And what happens is that all the other buds will never be able to develop because of poor lighting. This happens whether you grow your plants indoors or outdoors.

Training helps all the different buds receive equal amounts of light. One of the most common training techniques that seem to work on almost all strains is the sea of green method. From the name, a screen is used to keep the tall center cola and all the other parts of the plants low. Only the buds are permitted to pass through the screen and hence every bud gets equal amounts of light.

Other techniques such as super cropping or high-stress training or low-stress training can also produce larger buds. A simple technique is to tie the top branches to enhance the rest of the smaller branches to develop. This keeps a level canopy and will improve lighting over all the buds that may develop from the plants.

Using the best growing soil

The best soil leads to good plants and better bud size. From day one, choose the right kind of soil for your seedlings. The most common type of soil used is Super Soil. A commercially-prepared soil mix that is known to contain organic materials that will improve your plant’s health.

If Super Soil mixes are not available in local garden shops you may choose to buy online or use a cannabis-friendly soil alternative called sandy-clayey soil. This soil absorbs water and nutrients better plus will also allow oxygen to penetrate the soil and reach the roots. By growing your Candy Kush autoflower plants in this type of soil, you’ll get big buds every harvest time.